Renoise 2.0 New Features?, Which is the list?

Dear Renoise Team, which is the list of new Features in the next version or Renoise 2.0 ?

Any advice is appreciated!!!


patience? :wink:

The tracker interface will be replaced by a piano roll.

The linux and mac versions will be discontinued (due to market pressures).

Whenever Renoise opens or shutdowns, the user will be forced to play a game of 1970’s disco trivia.
If you don’t beat the Renoise Disco Trivia engine, Renoise will delete a random file on your computer.

(The above Renoise 2.0 features are pure speculation.)

…but your guesses may be mostly or completely right…

-new feature whereby patterns can scroll upwards or the current down.
-built in Quality Assurance: little animated 1/8"->RCA cable character appears in bottom right to make not so subtle suggestions for how to make your music suck less.
-rosetta stoned module: replaces random wörte in the user interface mit Deutschen equivalents.
-force feedback support
-scale generator: extrapolate scale runs from supplied root note over a given selection
-new proprietary plugin architechture for creating your own effect modules. plugin modules are coded in LISP or PASCAL
-iSight support on macs: no chat support, just for looking at yourself and admiring how cool you look while plugging away it patterns

  • beatslicer
  • nibbles

2.0 updates:

  • the splash screen has been updated

we are currently alpha testing this, but beta stage might still take a while !


Is this a guess or did I miss a forumtopic?

edit: or am I stupid enough too believe a joke?

I’m hoping it’ll include a drinks-holder

:panic: WOOOW
I’d expected this feature not until 3.0!!!

Ewps… you were so close to the real thing with that guess…

There will be a button that kills the Internet.

Currently in alpha testing is a new effect (NFXX) that posts the topic “Renoise (current version + 1), New Features?” in general discussion.

It goes well with the retrigger command.

splash teaser…

aliased, i remain limp

A ‘Pro edition’ of Renoise will be released with the magical ‘Create Mega Hit Now’ button. This option will be linked to your bank account so the Renoise team will get at least 10% of the profit you make with your music.

now serious: I hope DSP card support, Word Clock, PDC, multiple MIDI sync and SysExe will be implemented.

liquify tool + photoshop presets ftw!

Renoise need more cowbell, so +1 on more cowbell in 2.0

That and on the fly automation recording of VST’s so we don’t have to search for any parameter but can just twist the knobs.