Renoise 2.1 Beta Testing Starts

rewire support… finally B)
i´ve still got a feature request for the rewire-slave-mode:
please make it possible to select hardware audio-in, so i can route hardware-synths through renoise, process them there and record and mix in cubase…
i use renoise for sounddesign most of the time, but as is i can only use vst-instruments in rewire-slave.
softsynths suck :P please let me use some real analog stuff…

anyways great update!!!

greetings from hamburg


what is “live pattern triggering”? by accident, it’s not making nice note retriggers possible now?

it does not have anything to do with note triggering: with this feature you can decide with a click which will be the next pattern which will be played (=“triggered”), regardless of the pattern sequencer.

i see. maybe nice for live purposes, i guess. :)

Nice update, but one thing is really disturbing me - why have automation and instrument settings buttons switched places?

I liked the old way better. Now I always hit the wrong button :)


Magiel: I’ve moved your post to

Would be great if you could give us some more details there…

Haha, I actually don’t have to double-check where I’m clicking anymore ;)

WAAAAAAA!!! Really cool!!! We were just waiting for this feature!!! Renoise is now, with Re-Wire support, the best music production software!!!

Thanks to RENOISE TEAM!!! :drummer:

I’m not due to pay for an upgrade until 2.5, but Renoise has improved so much since 1.5 that I feel like I’m STEALING this amazing product. THANK YOU.

When should be the release date. I’m Excited. YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

Me too. ^^ I feel like I’m leeching it although I’m entitled to updates till 2.2.
I’ll renew my license as soon as I have some cash. Just saving for a new PC [Intel Core i7 system]

I am rather late to tune in to the common song of approval here, but nevertheless…

REWIRE SUPPORT! :w00t: I longed for this since I discovered Renoise ages ago, and now… finally… sniff

I wanna buy you guys a drink now!

Finding it really solid (as these betas always seem to be) and everything well implemented.

One minor thing about the (excellent) alterations to the pattern arranger. We can cue any patter to play after the current one or switch straight away. I would also love to be able to switch to the equivalent point in a different pattern as happened when scrolling through the pattern list in previous versions. Different pattern trigger quantizing options would of course also be wonderful but I doubt that needs suggesting.

Me is happy.

Right click?

Just beautiful!!!

Thanxs to you ALL!!


What’s the key command/combo for that?
Mice smell of mouse poo. :)

edit… never mind…got it.
NOW I’m happy!

!!! Decoupled Play/Edit cursor !!! My dream has come true! I was thinking of all kind of complications and that perhaps the framwework…but you devs blasted me away with this simplicity and ease to use. Thanks a lot!

Jack Transport and proper MIDI pitch bend automation… Those were the last things holding me back. Thanks a lot!

BIG BIG thank you Tak Tik and co. The Jack transport is brilliant. Linking Renoise with Qtraktor is alot of fun :D

Props Dudes :D