Switched Buttons In Beta 2.1

There is only one thing i can do perfect when im loaded (two maybe, but that will change with time) - operate my favorite software. But yesterday i was confused, because everytime i tried to enter into instrument settings i was in automatition - and im still can`t get used to it

Don’t touch, this is an improvement.

And while we’re on the subject, some variation thereof:

Took me only two days to get used to it. Try it, it makes a bit more sense. :)

Yes, I agree, it is an improvement!

I agree too

I didn’t even notice that they had changed order until now. :D

+1 for conner_bw idea. Makes things bit more clear. Not those ugly black holes though, but nice looking tabs might work.

The tabs is not my idea, and my tabs screenshot is ugly, but the “idea” of tabs would be an improvement.

Any designers in the place wanna do some mock-ups? :)

I don’t understand it, what is this thread about?

Compare this buttonbar with the current buttonbar of Renoise 2.1

Instrument settings and Automation button position are reversed.

heh, there should be reward in competition: “whats wrong on this picture”

haha! now I know what feels wrong all the time… :lol:

I was wondering why I suddenly got so stupid over night that I couldn’t handle Renoise properly anymore. :wacko:
What a relief to find out there’s nothing wrong with my brain.

And btw: it’s really an improvement.

I’m finally NOT wasting precious seconds looking for the automation :P