Renoise 2.1 Goes Gold

Finally: Renoise 2.1 final was released.

Renoise releases always take a while, but I think we all again managed to make this thing a tank again. A big thanks to everyone who was involved in the alpha and beta testing!

The final builds can be downloaded at:

Registered versions:

Demo versions:

What is this release about?

This is a small intermediate release (2.0 -> 2.1). The main idea about the 2.1 featureset is, that until we offer features like a piano-roll, a “birds-eye arranger”, audio file streaming,… directly in Renoise - which will definitely take time to implement when done wisely - you should be able to easily use them outside and WITH Renoise.

So we’ve added support to easily integrate Renoise into other DAWs & Audio Tools, namely via ReWire on OSX & Windows and by supporting the Jack transport protocol on Linux.

Even if Renoise would have all features you can think of: every DAW/Sequencer has its own style/things it can do good or bad, or things you are simply used to. So why shouldn’t you be able to easily combine those? ReWire makes this possible. You can either use Renoise as your main DAW and integrate other sequencers into Renoise, or vice versa. Thats now all possible with ReWire.

For all those who think they don’t need ReWire (read the ReWire FAQs to see whats possible though, before deciding this :wink: ), there is also a bunch of small Renoise improvements here and there. See below for the details, and enjoy playing around with them :wink:

More info about ReWire & Renoise can be found here:
ReWire FAQ/HowTo

A large list of ReWire compatible software + some compatibility notes with Renoise
can be found here: Available ReWire Applications & Compatibility in the Renoise User Wiki

License Upgrades (extend your Renoise license)

Renoise licenses are valid for a full version number, so if you’ve bought Renoise at version 1.0, this release (2.1) would be the first Renoise release that needs a license upgrade to be accessed.

We do offer upgrades at the Renoise backstage now - see the “Account Details” page in the backstage please. There you will see at which version you’ve registered Renoise and can also buy the upgrades. A license upgrade (one full version number) is 39 EUR.
You can also order multiple updates at once if you like, via the quantity field in the shopping basket.

Changes from RC2 to 2.1 Final
There are no new features & changes, beside that the builds will no longer expire. Also there’s a new demo song from Hunz included now…

Changes from Renoise 2.0 to 2.1

+ Full ReWire Slave & Master support (on Windows & OSX)  
 ReWire allows you to connect and synchronize multiple software applications,   
 so that you can run them side by side while passing Audio/MIDI information   
 between them.  
 For example, you could connect Renoise to Logic, program your drums in Renoise,  
 while arranging the bulk of your song in Logic. Or you could connect both Reason  
 and Ableton Live to Renoise, arrange your track in Renoise, control Reason's  
 built-in synthesizers, and play around with loops in Live. All it takes is some  
 ReWire enabled software and you are good to go.  
 ReWire has two modes, both of which are fully supported by Renoise:  
 *ReWire Master* (ReWire Mixer) and *ReWire Slave* (ReWire Synth)  
 for more info about ReWire & Renoise  
 A note for OSX users: Renoises ReWire slave mode requires OSX 10.4 or later,  
 so you can unfortunately not run Renoise as ReWire slave on OSX 10.3.9   
+ Jack Transport Support (Linux only)  
 Similar to ReWire, Renoise now supports the Jack transport protocol.  
 Jack transport allows Linux users to start/stop reposition multiple audio   
 programs, all connected/running through Jack.  
 for more info about the Jack Transport protocol & Renoise  
+ New Pattern Sequencer Features:  
 - Decoupled Sequencer Playback Now Possible:  
 This new feature allows the user to detach the current playback position   
 from the edit position. This lets you edit a pattern while other patterns   
 are playing.   
 To decouple the sequencer, simply turn off the "Pattern Follow" option, which  
 will then decouple the pattern editor & sequencer.  
 Those who don't want this new behavior by default, can disable it in the GUI  
 preferences pane. The "Pattern Follow" Option will then only detach the   
 playback position in the Pattern Editor.  
 - Live Pattern Triggering:  
 Patterns can now be "scheduled" for playback via a new column in the Pattern   
 Sequencer. Without stopping playback you can now trigger new sequences in the   
 song "in real time". The new column should be more or less self-evident.   
 For those who don't want to use the mouse, there are also two new related shortcuts:  
 * Play/Switch to the currently edited Sequence -> Control + Shift + Space  
 * Schedule the currently edited Sequence Pos for Playback -> Control + Space  
 (exchange "Control" with "Command" on OSX)  
+ New meta devices (Modulation / Automation Device fun)  
 - *Hydra Device  
 Automate/change/broadcast multiple FX parameters with a single parameter.   
 Think of this as a magic slider, which connects itself to up to 9 other   
 parameters - allowing you to change multiple settings with just one slider   
 or automation.  
 - *Keytracking Device  
 Modulates parameters depending on an instruments key (note) value. Like what   
 the "*Velocity Device" does with Velocities, the Keytracking device does with   
 - *MIDI Control Device  
 This device replaces the old "MIDI-CC Device", finally offering Pitchbend,  
 Channel Pressure, Program Change & regular controller (CC) in a single   

What’s next?
More info about the Renoise 2.1, the official launch news/webpages & newsletters will be released tomorrow. In the meanwhile we will be working on the next big Renoise release :wink:

Congratulations and thanks! :yeah:

Thanks to the devs and the community!

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