Renoise 2.6 And Advanced Step Sequencers Tools?

A scale filter per track would be all I need as Renoise is a step sequencer on roids :) but will we start seeing with the 2.6 version, tools like “Advanced Step Sequencers” where …

The other unique thing about this is that it’s designed to work solely
within musical scales. The sequencer grid adapts itself to whatever
scale you choose. Choose a chromatic scale, and you get a full 12
steps to play with, but choose a pentatonic scale and the grid
automatically adapts itself to show only 5 rows (notes). You don’t
need to know any music theory to get great results.

I found this here …

Regards, James

dont think it will be available from the launch of 2,6(but what do i know)
but am certainly excited about what to expect from this