► Renoise 2.6 Beta Testing Starts


the first Renoise 2.6 beta versions can be downloaded at the Renoise Backstage.
Beta versions are available to registered users only. Demo builds will be available shortly before the version goes gold.

What’s New?

For a complete list of all the new stuff, have a look at the ►►► Renoise 2.6 launch page ◄◄◄ please.

2.6 is a relatively small release, but definitely a release for the Renoise geek. Mainly its all about scripting, better MIDI controller support (again through scripting) and a bunch of features for everyone (some not THAT nerdy stuff like: better large sample support, a 64port for Linux, DSSI support for Linux and more).

The scripting features will open up a LOT of possibilities, also in terms of contribution. Everyone is invited to hack their own Renoise features and share them - or not. If you are not a developer, you can easily install and use scripts from other developers via “tools”. Its all open, and everyone is invited to hack!

To see what the Renoise team already now has done, have a look at the Renoise tools page.

To create your own tools and start hacking, have a look at the Renoise scripting page.

Renoise Team Changes (Good Ones)
The Renoise team grows. We’ve got a new Renoise-developer on board, Erik, who already helped us a lot this in the 2.6 release (sample auto-seeking, 64port). Welcome again on board Erik!

New beta and Scripting Forums
There’s a bunch of new sub forums now, two dealing with the scripting and two with the 2.6 beta testing in general. Please help us testing the releases, in order to make Renoise as rock stable as possible! Please also give us feedback about the scripting there. Technical feedback or just some input for the tools. Every feedback is very welcome!

Enjoy the Beta (and scripting)!

On behalf of the whole team



here’s a video demoing one of the new feature, Duplex.


Fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh!

yessss yesss for sure!!!

autoseek is a dream come true

Autoseek is such a good news.

Let me get this straight… for someone who comes from a regular DAW, autoseek might not seem like a complete feature, but this is just what Renoise needed, without changing how the renoise tracks are working. This is fixing one of the only big weakness that I found in Renoise.

Bring back revision 433!

In all seriousness, congrats on the release. This opens Renoise up to many new and exciting possibilities. Kudos to all the hard work and, I’m guessing, sleepless nights. It’s like having your very own baby? The current Renoise team has my utmost respect.

I know I’ve been a bit of a troll lately. Try to see it from my point of view. I left the dev team. Weeks later my alphas expired. I truly enjoy scripting as a hobby. Heck, I’ll even take credit for pushing the idea in the first place. I asked for an updated alpha in private. Instead I got a release date (pushed back) and parenting advice… Gee, thanks!

Anyway, now that Renoise 2.6 is public (hooray!) can I please reclaim my access to the Google Code XRNX Project? I know it was me who asked to be removed, so it’s not like I was kicked out, rather I pulled my own version of a Kaneel. But now the pressure is gone, I don’t have to be stressfully “top secret / NDA” it, plus I already have code in there. It would be nice to contribute again, at my own leisure, for fun.

On that note, I will package and submit Nibbles and Notes Randomizer for the Tools site sometime this week.


Ah, but you know, there’s a workaround for that: you just need to load the sample into the sample editor, and match the tempo of the sample to your song. This is most easily done by looking at the “time ruler” at the top (this displays the bar that your sample is playing). Then, you either pitch the sample or change the song tempo until the sample peaks match the beat in the song (assuming of course that the song is playing in a precise tempo which is often not the case with vintage funk records). When you have matched the peaks of the sample you just switch to the “bars” selection mode (which will snap any selected part of the sample precisely where the bar starts). The bars selection mode is chosen via the drop-down menu located in the upper right corner of the sample editor. When you have done so, you can select any bar, or multiple bars of the sample, and copy them to a new sample simply by choosing the “Copy into new sample” option from the right click menu. Repeat this for all the snippets of the sample you want synced to the main tempo, and you’re ready to insert them into a pattern.

I will stop now, because it’s becoming tedious to describe a workflow that has become retired. Long live autoseek!!

Hell yeah!

Much better than I ever anticipated. I’m speechless, thanks!

Excellent work, Taktik (and others) - cheers.

What’s given me the most satisfaction this evening has been dashing into the Preferences and assign Ctrl+F to ‘Find and Replace’ without any hassle whatsoever. Small pleasures… Autoseek is obviously fantastic, too, and all the rest.


Sure thing. No need to argue.


This really is an AMAZING release. Autoseek!! Scripting!

sexeeh! some rrrrealy helpfull features and live jamming will become awesome :]

i saw lolcats sneaking around… so it was true!!!

I program for a living. I’ve been using ChucK( http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/ ) for years now. It’s fully OSC compatible, so is Renoise. I did not expect this so soon. Weeeeee Writing UI’s for ChucK code will be most satisfying.

I can’t wait to share.

Also, thanks so much for making this a much more viable tool for live use. Live has a great workflow, but it’s overused, and it doesn’t fit with MY workflow. Thanks.


My Launchpad is going to melt.


Man, considering how good the few scripts currently uploaded are, think how much there’ll be in a few months!

Amazing, chaps.

holy fuck, nibbles!!

Autoseek, yesss!