► Renoise 2.6 Release Candidates Available

Hey all,

After months of testing and feature finetuning, especially for Renoises new scripting API, Renoise 2.6 gets very close to its final release now:

The first release candidate is now available for registered users at the Renoise backstage.
Demo Versions are available at the Renoise Download page.

If you are a registered user and haven’t tried out Renoise 2.6 and all the third-party and MIDI controller tools that are available already, then this its a good chance to do so now. If you are no registered user yet, you can give the new features of Renoise 2.6 a try now.

Big thanks to everyone who was involved in the beta testing, to all who helped us making Renoise as rock stable as possible. And to all registered users who helped us to improve existing features or invented new ones during the beta. Renoise releases always need a lot of time, but I think we’ve again managed to create us a very reliable and stable version we can use while waiting for the next update.

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Well, I guess I’m finally going to try this new version tomorrow. I’ve been curious for a long time but the forced update system held me from downloading earlier. (no offence)

Great, this will do wonders for my Renoise addiction.

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