Renoise 2.7: Collection Of (To Be Fixed) Script Errors

To be expected, some scripts (especially the ones manipulating sample data) don’t work now in 2.7 (scripts can still be used when activated manually through updating the manifest, changing api number 1.0 to 2.0).

Scripts other than processing samples or instrument list seem to work fine, you can still use nibbles ;)

I’ll collect some bug notices here for what its worth :) :

When trying to apply It Alien’s swap stereo samples:

It Alien’s beat slicer:

On initializing/installing this script: It Alien’s Live Synth:

When trying to generate a custom waveform:


Applying silence to a sample through the It Aliens add/remove silence script:

Bystrano’s sample utilities, trying to trim silence:

Suva’s rubberband trying to timestretch:

Johann’s rubberband remix gui doesn’t open up, doesn’t give an error notice.

Johann’s run cmd on selection only bugs when applied on sliced sample, still works on normal samples:

Johann’s soundstretch script also work on normal samples, sliced ones give:

Same shabang for Johann’s Sox rev reverb script, on sliced samples:

ZynZilla opens up, but doesn’t show a generate and reset button, so is unusable.

When trying Voois change sample properties:

Voois Splitmap manager:

Cie’s Stepsequencer:

This info should be pinned :)


Thanks for the collection.
Devs: See also New API docs + Upgrade Overview please.