Renoise 2.7 Goes Gold, New Samplepacks, Tool Autoupdater

Eight weeks of community driven testing finish today. We are proud to announce that Renoise 2.7 is stable and ready for production.
Thanks once again to everyone here who was involved and helped testing and finetuning the release!

See 2.7 front page announcement for more info about the new sample packs and auto updater.

Have fun with the new release and the new sample packs. In the meanwhile we will start working on the next Renoise release.


Greats news! Thanks to taktik and everyone involved! Now it’s time to have fun with those sample packs… :yeah:


Renoise backstage was downloaded to death. Reanimating it. Will be back soon…


+1 that was the same expression on my face :walkman:

thanks to the developer team and everyone who was involved

Calling all cheerleaders, beerleaders, and lederhosen, this calls for a thousand replies to the thread.

Wont be doing anything until after Bangeface Weekender anyway so will wait with baited breath until I return to download and let the rush for bandwidth hopefully be over before I try and get on there ;)

such great news, thanks :)

I want a “keep it vertical” shirt

Awesome news! I managed to pull the final in, but it seems I have to wait till the backstage is less busy to download the sample packs.

awesome, and perfectly timed for my free week. thanks loads, and what fantastic samplepacks. simply amazing.

Excellent news, definitely a great release!

that’s what’s up!!


Congrats! Another great update. I’ve been using the beta versions for a few weeks now, and I already can’t imagine working without some of the new features. And I don’t know if there is a direct link, but since I’ve been using the beta I have been more productive than I’ve been in ages.



cant wait to try the BIG xrni packs, thanks!

Great release, some incredible new tools, my switching to renoise will be more easily than I have thought about. I have completed a full DAW life circle: from tracker to tracker then sequencer and back to tracker again :D
Well, trackers are more fun anyway ;)
Kudos to whole team and specially support for answering my mail in such a short time!