Renoise 2.7 Synth Experiment

Hmmm…care to show how?

forgive me all as I have been MIA for a while for a multitude of reasons.

how are these synths diff from the old chip instruments?

Sound nice and all but can’t get them to do anything diff than old ones…yeah I am using 2.7…forgive me again as I know its my ignorance!!!

I think by using the pitch LFO instead of the envelope.
You can get nice effects by using the pitch LFO, pick the Random option, pull up the frequency to somewhere around 27/30 and set the depth to 10 or lower.

There’s some new stuff like stereo phase modulation going on - possible, by having two basic waveforms, one of which is slighty detuned. This trick is often used for fatter sounding bass synths, but couldn’t be done with Renoise 2.6 (playing two samples on top of each other when one note is pressed) - previously, you’d have to throw effect DSPs on top of the sound to achieve a similar result.

Actually, they are not that much different. See the following diagram:

Think of the instruments in terms of synthesiser architecture (the analogy holds for chiptune). The clear difference is that you can have multiple ‘oscillators’ playing at the same time due to the sample keymaps.

For example, with a simple saw wave, in pre 2.7 you could map this across the keyboard range and play with the amplifier envelope and filter. With the keymap feature you have more flexibility. The simple instruments in this thread only implement the basics. For example, multiple oscillators detuned to give a ‘fatter’ sound (as alluded to above by danoise) or playing at different octaves to give more ‘weight’. Other things you do include adding a little white noise (by reducing that samples volume) to add bite to a sound and give the filters more to play with etc.

Basically, it kicks up the synthesis possibilities another notch on what I hope to be a very big ladder :P :D