Renoise 2.7, Where Is The Amen Break?

Hi there, I just started up my brand new version 2.7 and I wanted to quickly add an amenbreak to something I was building but I can’t find the damn thing anywhere (in the instruments/samples folder).
It IS still in there, isn’t it? It’s the best break ever to get started with, and I always just bang it in if I need a quick break.

We decided to remove the Amen and Apache breaks since these were never really cleared in the first place, and we just wanted to generally freshen up the content a little bit. The Amen sample itself was even a bit crappy and contained some glitches in the sound.

It’s very easy to find such samples online yourself, so this should not be a problem really?

A better version of the Amen break is even on freesound:

I’ve got folders full of breakbeats but I guess it’s more some kind of nostalgic feeling. The first thing I did when I opened Renoise somewhere in 2007 (and I know friends did) was opening that amenbreak and tearing it apart in all possible ways. Thanks for the quick reply (which I’m almost getting used to :D)

If the original Amen break was public domain, then it won’t need clearance anylonger.
DJ Tiesto was charged for plagiarism on a piece he seemed to have used from another DJ.
The piece however was originally from the 18th century composer Händel so that meant the piece already was public domain so Tiesto got discharged from the allegations.

Copyright (in the UK) is on the recording, not on the composing. If you were to sample a recording of the London Philharmonic Orchestra playing Bach that would be a breach of copyright. If you were to take the score of the same piece and use it to generate a MIDI file or whatever it would not.

Andrew LLoyd Webber is quite famous for doing little of his own composing, taking much from known (or less known) classical pieces. Guess that means you could possibly use a melody that he has made famous as long as you can show where it actually came from and did not directly sample…

It certainly isn’t public domain. This guy is apparently the current copyright holder. It’s just one of those weird situations where nobody has tried to claim any royalties for it (yet). Nevertheless, it’s a copyrighted piece of music that we do not have explicit clearance to use. Copyright situations can be a total mess, so it’s better to be safe than sorry if you ask me. Using it just because everybody else does is a bad idea, imho.

If a user wants these sounds, they can easily be found in a few minutes with a Google search.

That’s indeed a good point. So if we were to manually reconstruct the amen break ourselves, we are not violating any copyright because we simply play the music and not offering the authentic sample.

Amen break is not old enough to be copyright free so think that would technically still be illegal…

The point is stuff that is hundreds of years out of copyright as far as the score goes is still copyrighted if you are sampling a recording as you have a copyright for the original composition (expired) and one for the recording (still active.)