Renoise 2.8 Mac OS, Rewire with Protools

I am running Renoise 2.8 MAC OS. I have tried 32 bit and 64 bit but cannot get the rewire engine to start at all for Pro Tools 11 or Reaper. It won’t start, there is no option to manually start it, there is no support on any forum for this issue. I have emailed Renoise, no reply. I am a long time Renoise user, and love its efficiency and ease of programming detail, but I cannot use it with Pro Tools!!! I work at a recording studio, and I want to incorporate my programmed tracks into Pro Tools sessions, or even in Reaper sessions. It is truly frustrating to be getting nowhere with this issue and find zero support anywhere. Please HELP!!!

If you want to use Rewire you have two options:using Renoise as a master or using Renoise as a slave.
If you want to use Renoise as a master, then insert a ReWire device on any track its dsp panel. Inside the Rewire device, select the ReWire host you want to start (Pro Tools or Reaper should show in the list if they support to act as a ReWire slave).
If you want to use Renoise as a slave, either start it from within Pro Tools / Reaper inserting a ReWire tool or device somewhere and select Renoise from there. If you start Renoise manually and it detects a ReWire master currently active, Renoise will ask if you want to start Renoise as a ReWire slave.

If these above situations do not run as described, then tell us what you attempt to do and we will try see if you forgot something…

I’m having a similar problem here running Renoise 3.0 (I had the same issue with 2.8 though). I’m trying to run Renoise as the rewire slave but there doesn’t seem to be any way of starting it from within pro tools. It should be there in the list of instruments to place as an insert. Does anyone else have any input on this?

I managed to solve this one. Pro Tools 11 is 64 bit, I was running 32 bit renoise. Rewire will only work when they’re the same architecture.