► Renoise 2.8 Rc1 Released

Renoise 2.8 gets very close to its final release now:

The first release candidate is now available for registered users at the Renoise backstage.
Demo Versions are available at the Renoise Download page too.

If you are a registered user and haven’t tried out Renoise 2.8, then this its a good chance to do so now.
If you are no registered user yet, you can give the new features of Renoise 2.8 a first try now.

Oh, and because that’s not enough good news for a single day we got a new web site too -> welcome-a-new-www-renoise-com

On behalf of the whole team.

Awesome, great work guys! :walkman:

Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya!

'bout f’in time! :drummer:

Were these smokin’ hot new demo songs in the beta? They look new to me… :dribble:


Just near perfection ! :panic:


yes! nice :)

Woeiiii <3

Looks even better than the already great 2.7 version !

Also compliments for the new site design

Whoop whooooop!

Whilst we’re on the discussion of registering, if I buy my full version today, can I transfer this account onto it or would I have a new forum login?

Excellent work devs. Renoise continues to go from strength to strength and enables loads of us to write great tunes for an absolute bargain. Thank you! :drummer:

i’ve never read anything about forum profiles being tied to registration in any way, also when you login to backstage to download the full version you use your full name.

WHOOOOO HOOOOO Finally I can run Renoise native and take advantage of those extra gb RAM

But Ive got a problem… I can’t afford both diapers, food, gas, electricity, etc etc, AND upgrade to 2.8. Seriously. I know its cheap. Thats why I bought my 1.5.1 license. But things were ok then, didn’t have a family, had a good job yadda yadda yadda. The choice is now upgrade to 2.8, or have enough diapers for the month.

Enough with the sobbery. What I want to know is; is there any way I could barter, trade, for an upgrade? I can offer tutorial videos or text (writing in Renoise, dj mixing with cdjs and/or Ableton, mixing stem tracks with Reaper, playing live improv with Ableton, bass guitar, cooking good food using only whats left in the near empty fridge, and so on) , vsti patches, handmade samples (both digital and analog)…

Ive been using 2.5.1, and ill continue if I have to. But as they say, ‘Its better to have tried and failed than to never try at all’.


awesome new demo songs. ^^

Forum and backstage users are not connected, they have different username and password.

Superb. Been using 2.8 as my main DAW for a while now because there’s so many command changes it was worth it to learn it in time for release.


Awsome work guys :yeah: WOOOOHOOOOO !! :walkman:

Yay! Demo action!