Renoise 2 Demo

Sorry if this has been asked before, the search function isn’t working for me at the moment.

I thought the demo of renoise 2 was due out today. Is that still happening?

Don’t worry, you are sure to notice when it’s released. :)

Thank you for the response! I know I’m looking pretty impatient right now. Renoise is like a gift from above. I’ll just hone my skills on the version I already have.

You can always register an account. And use 2.0b5 today. ;)

I think I should wait until the official 2.0 is out so I can practice a bit. Also I need to wait until I have money. I spent two grand earlier this month a new Little Phatty Moog with an mbox2 and headphones. Also I usually spend spare money on “inspiration” to help me come up with ideas for intricate patterns I couldn’t otherwise think up. In other words: I’m broke.

No worries, I’ll buy it first thing next month. I’ve been flirting with renoise all this year its about time I help support this wonderful tool and its community.

Another beta? YAY! MOAR FEETURZ!!!

beta stage should actually have no new features by definition.

let’s call this a gamma :)

Taktik has the flu.

He needs debugging :(

to bad to hear that Taktik has the flu :(

get well soon :D

Ahh well, Winter is coming… its pretty cold here now in The Netherlands…
We need healthy developers, its more important then Renoise :rolleyes:

Get well soon TakTik :) just sweat it all out :dribble:

… … … … … … … … …

Argh!!! Ok to hell with this. I just learned the world is going to be destroyed within four years anyway. Blah! Sour grapes and all that BS. As if it was going to have some radically new improvement… I’ll just spend my money on weed and hookers instead.

oh lucky day.
sounds like the world has been spared from another breakcore artist ;)

Well for the same money you get 1h with a hooker and a STD. :D

haha :lol:

looks up from his code … Hmm?

… oh wait… you mean the feces that is bovine in origin. Never mind… goes back to his code

PLEASE tell me where I can get weed and hookers for 50 euros!

Crack-whores and heroine-whores go for any deal that brings them just enough money for a new shot.

But i doubt you get full satisfaction for that money.

Aah, I see… well, shoot! Not too many crackwhores on my myspace…

50 euros are more than enough for that.
10 for weed, rest for hookers.
have fun :D