Renoise 2 Demosongs Remix Competition

Hi Renoise Community. My name is Prickly_AI, I’m the newest member of Renoise Forums (being old at next 11 months and 30 days.) Maybe I am the youngest Renoise Member at the age of 13. So anyway, this is the most challenging competition in Renoise Community. The Renoise 2 Demosongs Remix Competition.

The Goal is to remix or merge all demosongs in the new Renoise 2.

Here are the rules in this competition:

1.) The song must be 3 to 10 minutes long. Higher or lower than the said length IS A FAIL!!!
2.) The minimum use of the demosongs are only 2.
3.) One of the author in each demosongs were not allowed to use their song. Let the others use them.
4.) Compress your finished sketch with an XRNS extension and post it right here.
5.) Using Tutorials and Old Renoise Demosongs are not allowed to use. And:
6.) Using VST, MIDI or any other 3rd party plugins are allowed, Obviously.

You can vote the posted song from 1 to 10. Top 5 Members Wins!

That would be a great idea if, and excuse me about this, but why should a 13yo kid I don’t know about rate my songs? I mean, to rate a song isn’t just a question of taste, it must be done in a fair an guaranteed way like, for example votes or by a demonstrated reputation judge.

Too much work to mix several songs into one. I would prefer “2 demosongs in one” … thats feasible. Mixing all songs will result very similar tunes as no-one(certainly not me :)) is willing to too much effort to properly remix lots of songs. My two cents.

Oh, Sorry, I heard that. Anyway, Lets Change the rules.