Renoise 2 Ft2

hi, to all…
first, sorry for my bad english :)

i need to convert Renoise to FastTraker2… ( .xm )
can renoise save song to Ft2 format… or… do you know any converter?

it’s for Fmod library…

thank’s in advances,

renoise only saves in .rns

the .rns format is not finalised yet, and the specs aren’t released, so there are no known utilities to convert between formats.

well if diskspace is not a premium, i think bouncing your track to an .ogg or mp3 file would be good too. there are many mp3 decoding libraries out there as well.

Hi Fabbroz,
yes, I’m It-Alien from that demoscene newsgroup :P

there is no way you can convert an RNS file to XM.

in some future version, you will be able to save ReNoise modules into MIDI files, then you could use some kind of MIDI 2 XM converter (there were some on Hornet Archive).

there is no plan at all to support XM writing in ReNoise.

These formats are so different, that this would never be a good idea…
You would need another program to edit the .xm (probably a lot) afterwards anyway.