Renoise 3.1 MIDI out missing notes?

Not a beginner, but got a weird issue - hopefully something very obvious that I am missing.

Taking the MIDI output in v3.1 from an arp plugin and feeding it to a synth (best feature addition in Renoise EVER by the way!) I am finding that the first note of a chord change isn’t detected in time, and the first note actually belongs to the first chord.

What I mean is, as a made up example I have two patterns. The first has the notes C, E, G and plays an ‘up’ arp (so the notes are CEGCEGCEGCEGCEG etc). The second pattern has the notes D, F, A and the notes that are outputted are DFADFADFADFA etc

However, when the pattern moves to the second pattern, the notes output are CFADFADFADFA

I am finding this happens a lot when using Nora as my arp so I initially blamed that, but I am also finding it is happening with other arps too.

Has anyone else found this, and does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Edit: I get this intermittently - it’s not guaranteed to happen (and I’ve just set up a test and it worked fine). Also seems to happen intermittently with different synths - Nexus2, Synthmaster amongst others

We’re looking into this:

Apparently (?) running a 32bit build of the plugin will work, and also 64bit builds within a 32bit Renoise.

Interesting, thanks! Hopefully it can be resolved eventually - I have only ever installed the 64bit versions of plugins!