Renoise 3.2.1 crashing - sample issue


I thought actually that’s a problem of Carla, but falkTX (KXStudio maintainer) said it’s related to renoise.

Here’s an example file that crashes as soon I switch to the sampler. Somehow it’s related to the actual chosen sample. After deleting it it works.

Renoise file is here:!Wvhk0aZb!18avtqy1ohzsrs5CkYDyXYV5x5J-0O3TG9wTNfWY-jg
falkTX could reproduce it, so I guess that should also work for you.

and here’s the crash log:

System: Debian Buster with XFCE

So for a simple xrns example…
crash.xrns (4.2 KB)

The question I’d ask is how did he create a sample in Renoise, but Renoise failed to save out the instrument flac/wav in the xrns? Quickly looking that is what causes the crash. Instrument/sample entry in the Song.xml, but no actual instrument flac/wav sample(?)

Hi, thanks for looking. Before the crash I recorded something onto the already existing sample and deleted the recorded stuff again. Maybe something got confused.

Just curious lilith. You had a sample (or a couple of samples) in that ‘273855’ instrument…which had a couple of slice markers? You recorded some audio over one of the samples. Then to delete the recorded stuff, you hit ‘Undo’?

Renoise doesn’t seem to handle this well. Recording into a existing sample (with slice markers) and ‘undoing’ to try and get back to the original sample.

What I tried is this:

  1. Load up Renoise
  2. Create a default sample (make sure ‘Undo’ is enabled in the sampler)
  3. Add a couple of slice markers to that sample
  4. Hit the ‘Record’ button to record over the sample. Click done. Renoise puts the new recorded sample in the sampler.
  5. Now ‘Undo’ (Ctrl-Z whatever) that operation.

I get ‘no sample loaded’ however the slice markers are there in the sample list. If I click on those slice marker ‘samples’ in the list Renoise crashes. So I can get a crash that way.

Yes, I guess it’s quite possible that this happend, but I’m not 100% if I hit undo. I will check your file.