► Renoise 3.2 & Redux 1.1 released

Good to know, thanks! A step into the right direction :3

Its crazy that you can combine sample pattern effects with the new time stretching. Love this feature alot.


Uhm, do you guys not do this as a day job? If not, that’s just incredible that you even find the time to do anything at all. :smile:

First of all, thanks heaps - I don’t wanna miss all these hours i spent with this gem of a software.

Right now I stay with 3.1 acutally, since the external window closes every time I use the F commands to navigate. Did I oversee something? Didn’t find anything on the forum about this…

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If you refer to the F1 to F8 keys, these keys are linked to buttons 1 to 8 in the upper right corner of the main Renoise window.

These buttons 1 to 8, work in two ways:

  1. Left click, invokes saved settings of windows and frames.
  2. Right click, save the current windows and frame settings.

Then, make sure before saving correctly (with right click) your desired configuration. After doing that, use your F1 to F8 keys. You will see the windows correctly in their position and size.

It is very sad that you do not use version 3.2 for this reason. If you have any questions about something in particular, try reading the instruction manual. Sometimes you can find the solution directly.

https://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Main_Screen (in GUI presets). Certainly in the user manual it is not very well explained (right click / left click).

Perhaps there may be problems with saving windows in some particular case. Have you tried all this thoroughly? You may have found a bug that should be reported to @taktik.

These presets should save exactly the status of all windows, (position and size), regardless of the resolution of the image monitors used.


Late to the party. Thanks Team Renoise.

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Better late than never:)

Thank you very much for the update, especially the HIDPI support is the most important change for me making Renoise so much more usable in my UHD laptop!

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Hey, i’m late to the party. :open_mouth:
Thanks Taktik and rest of team!

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Hey, I am late to the party too! @taktik and team. you rock!!!

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I just noticed for the first time, that you can decrease fontsize and spacing of pattern editor. :yeah:
Nice for us LoDPI cavemen on small laptop.


Thank you @taktik and to all the fine people which are involved in the developement and support of Renoise. Great work, you rock!


Thank you for finally Updating Renoise!



Now Reason 11 with Reason Rack VSTi3 is out.
It would be nice to use the Rack inside of Renoise (3.3?) :slight_smile:

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Awesome, I am about to check it out. I spent some “hardware only” time but am currently really missing Renoise. It can do many things effortlessly that hardware sequencers still don’t do today and I am delighted about the time stretching being finally available.

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Thank you for the UI scaling!!!

I bought Renoise about 5 or 6 years ago and basically haven’t been able to use it because it’s always been SO small on the screen. I’ve finally been diving in and am absolutely loving it!!

I got a NerdSeq for my modular earlier this year and that made me want to get back to trying to learn Renoise. Thankfully, with this update, I NOW CAN!! :heart:

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I only learned about this update now!

Thank you very much for making Renoise much more usable on my 1440p display. I made the switch to that resolution four years ago and always regretted it a tiny bit because Renoise was now either too small or too blurry and just not much fun to work with. This all changed now, and it looks gorgeous!

Thank you very much.


The time has come to go out of my head !!! Long live Renoise!!!

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64 bit is er al een poosje, mijn eerste 64 bit OS was XP 64 bit