Renoise 3.2 right click and gui issue

I was very happy to see to update, even though I haven’t had much time to be at the computer the last few weeks, I had to try the new version! :slight_smile:

I noticed two usage issues, the first is right clicking on tracks headers has no effect, I was trying to create groups for example, and the right click only works on the track area. Was like this already? I was almost certain I could open the menu on the header before…

Another thing is some wider effect have issues with the borders:


Thank you!

I think the operation is identical to version 3.1.1. If you right click on the top area of each track (under “play”), the drop-down menu should open.

Have you recently changed scaling to another size? When doing this Renoise 3.2.0 is not perfect, and there may be problems of this type. The solution is to restart Renoise. In fact, it is advisable to restart Renoise every time the scaling changes.

Every time you report a problem, include the Renoise version and the operating system and its version. Renoise is compatible for 3 different operating systems, with 3 different packages.

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