Renoise 3.3 Trick To Make Local Send Tracks

(Renoise and Redux) New #Sidechain device

A nice trick with the new Sidechain device is to route it to melda MRatio’s sidechain and you can create a local send out of a normal track. mRatio allows you to hear its sidechain signal and blend it with the main signal.

Basically turn the Ratio control all the way to 100% to get full SC signal passing through. You can then use the Amount slider on the SC Device as you would on a normal Send Device.

local send

MRatio Ratio


I just got into Melda’s line of plugins in anticipation of this update and general need for a visual EQ. Their stuff just got much more powerful within renoise! Thanks for sharing the tip, let me know if you come across any others for Melda plugins :smiley:

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I just asked in another thread if such plugin existed. MRatio it is :smiley: Thanks that will be so much fun :smiley:


Right now I am using a gate device and check the prelisten filters icon to do something like this. Is there any advantage using the melda vst?

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I guess no extra advantage to MRatio unless you want the extra feature of blending in any audio present on the target ‘send’ track. Also If you don’t have any Melda plugs already, the installation manager can be a bit of a faff just to install/ maintain one plug from them, but probably worth checking their free/nagware if you do go ahead. Some handy stuff in there.

MRatio has also got a multiband version that I haven’t dug into yet, but there may be some creative possibilities to be had there too.

ah, thanks. That makes sense. I think I even had some melda plugins installed once but I made house cleaning in my vst directory recently, because I wasn’t using half of the stuff :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t need to mix in the receiver audio so I am going the gate way, with prefiltering as a nice extra.

anyway this is so much fun. sidechaining everything to everything else right now.

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It’s work with native gate

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Oh, wow that’s neat!

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I get phase issues when I try to do that. The signal that arrives at the gate is delayed by a tiny amount it seems.

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Yes, just confirmed here.

Would have been a nice native solution otherwise!

@weizenkeim were you using the native gate or a gate plugin for this? If native you might want to check for this phase issue.

Use delay in mixer.

SOrry not workin )))

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Anybody else notices crackles when sending to melda mratio from a sidechain device?

I see the width meter in mratio react at the moment I hear the crackle. The sound that comes through it is a mono sample though.

Adjusting plugin options did not help.

Hi, is this method, using MRatio as receiver, approved by you? @Jalex @Ledger No extra latency?

I really would like to build my mix templates based on this. Seems to me a ton more attractive to use groups and send tracks inside, workflow-wise and visually.

I usually have a send with a “ducker”, might be highpass eq5 or gainer, into which I mix some amount of the tracks subtilely. Having this mechanic within a group would make a lot of sense. But it requires 100% phase alignment due the parallel signal flow.

Btw. offtopic, do you also duck your reverbs usually? I tried all variants, ducking only reverb, ducking only dry signal, and both. Can’t remember which one sounds the best…

@ffx, should be easy to check with a 100% dry 100% wet sine at a few different pitches? (or slow slide)

@ledger, will you make a tool that simplifies the adding of such a send? :wink: Name the sidechain device “send” and mratio “receiver” and it will be very pretty.

Did a phase inversion test now with mratio, and it is 100% cancelling out each other. Nice!


@Ledger No extra latency?

Haven’t tried this plug in a short while, but like your test, I never noticed any latency/ phasing. I guess your good to go!

@ledger, will you make a tool that simplifies the adding of such a send? :wink: Name the sidechain device “send” and mratio “receiver” and it will be very pretty.

Is an interesting thought, maybe something to add/ spin off from to ‘Send Mixer’ in the future. Did have a look already but motivation is waiting to strike again sometime…

Anybody else notices crackles when sending to melda mratio from a sidechain device?..

Adjusting plugin options did not help.

@spdk Not noticed any crackles here, what OS are you on?

A simple native sidechain receiver would be nice. I’m thinking about to create atleast one with bluecat scripts. Simple receiver with dry/wet, no gui, just one parameter.

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Hi - first post. I’m also getting phasing using the Env. Input listen button. Melda is my usual go-to and MRatioMB seems to be working perfectly well in this capacity. Really I was shocked that more free routing isn’t available. This will do until the team develops a native solution.

New helper tool for this: