Renoise 3.4.1: No Drag and Drop from File Browser to Pattern Editor?


i have problems with the Drag and Drop function of Renoise. In past i could drag & drop Songs from the files section into the pattern resulte in loading song. No i get a Denied Icon on this action and song is not loaded.
Any suggestions for me? I install a very old renoise 2.8 Version last days. could this cause the failure?

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I don’t have a 2.8 installed to test, but I think it might help to provide more information.

Operating system, installation location of Renoise, for example.

FWIW I have no such problem on Win 10Pro using Renoise 3.4.1

But I’m pretty sure I’ve been using Renoise since at east 2.8 (I recall being reluctant to upgrade to 3.x because of UI changes) and have never had an issue with dropping xrns files.

Windows 7 64 last patchstate. Renoise standard installation. Drag and drop from outside Renoise work. only from Renoise Filewindow to pattern dont work anymore.

happy tracking :slight_smile:

Yeah, doesn’t work on Mac either - not that I would ever want to drag&drop that file instead of just double clicking on it…

Till Version 3.4.0 it works like a charme! After Installing 3.4.1 the problems startet.