Renoise 3.4 New Functions 2022

Hello everyone,

I have noticed that almost all daws that i am working in -beside Renoise- had / have obtained a warping function in sample focus editing mode “Even Propexxerheards R8ason”. But still waiting for this function to appear in Renoise.
Is there any chance to see Warping function in further versions of Renoise ? “warping markers can be shown from the bottom, while the slicing markers are on the top”
+What about adding more Beatsync blending protocols " mods", something like : Complex-anti alias-, Pro Complex-with more artificial formants-, Vocal Mode-human formant semi-, Melodic-for instruments…etc / beside the time-streatch 1 and time-streatch 2
Why “Warping” ?
This function is a must have in my opinion for vocal and instrumental editing in Renoise sample editor. A lot of times when it comes to vocal editing, even after snapping, the vocal can miss a metronome click " word or a letter gets off the tempo marker", and without warping it always sounds so “dirty” and off the beat. if using the sample positioning command 0SXX “sample slice number recall” it will sound even worse.
I wont mention the Vocal Pitch editing-correction in this section. I thing that it will be the hardest part to execute.

Sample indexer
Search mode in Renoise still works on the base of local tagging rule : searching in a category or subcategory - subfolder can match only letters and words. Example: when you type “hat” the search command works only on tag matching “letters and words in the Base folder”, not META matching across the whole library.
In other competitor daws there is always an “indexer.exe” or a cloud thread that can locate and find any sample/object that matches the element of your searching across all the folders of your library “not only in the current Base folder”.
Is there any hope that we can see this option in the future? Like, i think it is time to add something like this in Renoise. I currently use the ADSR free sample manager as an alternative, but it crashes a lot. Beside, using a third party sample manager is so inflexible when dropping the samples to the Renoise panel.

Micro LPS settings for individual patterns.
Lately i was facing an issue in notes editing in Renoise : when it comes to fast and short lead lines or melodies i am always forced to write those lines in “Phrases” under a doubled LPS. Example: If i have a song that plays on 120bpm, and i want to write a lead is much shorter than 1 bar “in 4/4 condition” i need to raise the whole LPS of the project from 4 to 8 LPS. If it is much shorter, means from 4 to 16. Means more struggling in automation and editing in general. I think that it will be so useful to have an option that can control the LPS of any track by its own, like having a track that plays on 4 LPS beside of a track that plays in 8 or 16 LPS. In midi based daws that uses a piano roll it is all about the GRIND . You can chose your grind settings in piano roll from 1/2 - 1/4 1/16 …etc. But still have to use individual Phrasing in Renoise to compensate this issue.

Thank you guys for such a powerfull DAW!


Damn you. When i saw the title i thought there was an update i missed the announcement for.


yeah me too… i was like christmas but no… :wink:


so necessary. Seems like Renoise has so much potential to get to the next level but I don’t think they have enough developers on the team.

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PLEASE PLEASE have a sample start point that can be moved around, make me ditch Tal Sampler and come home to Renoise mama!