Renoise 3.4.x Linux: crash in Yabridge VST preset selection since 3.4.0

I have been having a bug since Renoise 3.4.0 or 3.4.1 with a Windows VST in Linux:

  • The VSTiplugin is BKSynthLabs Intro (Boris Kovalev)
  • Used through Yabridge/Wine 8.2 on Linux (latest version on Manjaro Linux)
  • The bug is most probably host-based since there is no issue with that VST plugin in Carla.

There are two bugs that I’ve come across only with that plugin:
For some time now, when a song is loaded with that plugin, even if there is a preset that is restored, Renoise will select the correct entry in the GUI, but the plugin will play with the preset 0 (which is silence in this case)
If I try to change the selected preset, most of the time, if not every single time, the plugin will crash.

I’ve just tried using the same plugin in Carla with Yabridge/Wine 8.2: I selected a preset, saved the setup, quit Carla, reloaded Carla, reloaded the setup. Preset is selected and works as intended. I can also select another preset anytime and it’ll work with no glitch or no crash.

If I can be of any help to test it, tell me.