► Renoise 3 Beta testing starts - announcing Redux

develop new workflows for fiddling with presets ;)

The doofers are actually just device chain wrappers. Not more, not less. The special thing to me is, they do provide their designated automation controls only, no matter how extensive their internal setup is. A normal device chain provides access to each and every single parameter of its contained devices and floods your automation list with the params. A doofer doesn’t. Another benefit of them is, you’re not able to screw up your contained setup by accidently automating stuff. Doofers are just a neat way to keep your things clean, tidy and reusable.

I just realised i can make my own doofers :w00t:

Where did the track headroom button go? Edit = I found it, on the main menu, under playback options…


What happened to the ‘loop fine’ scope in the sample editor? It’s disappeared.

This has indeed been cut out for now. It’s already discussed here, join the fun with a +1!

thank you very much for bringing them ontop and searching and collecting them!
i have thinked the laste whole nights if its maybe possible to insert the magic single switch to make the new instrument window worklfow usable.
first we have to find out what is wrong currently in worklow.
what i think:
-the distance between normal edit (cursor) position and important buttons is way to far, (mousekilometers)

-lost focus of the really often needed functions (remember the moved away and back rendertosample command^^)
example: why i have to go often in the sample settings? for me its the volume and the hullcurve.
solution for better workflow in THAT specific thing:
1.step from above link
2.autofocus or autojump with mousepointer to the volume/panning/finetune section of the sample (merge old mousepos^^)
3.bring back the sliderbars for volume and panning (for finetune the stepper is perfect)
4.same key should now switch instrument/sample window ON/OFF (was already requested by another person).

-currently the sample slot and the sample browser is on my 2monitor setup to far away.
workflow should be: quick load a sample and test if this fit better in that setting where i always have
quick change the volume/pitch of the loaded sample, this is now in renoise 3.0 almost impossible without going crazy. maybe porting the whole discbrowser from right to left would help.

-pls bring back the DSP chain preset button in discbrowser, the “other” is …confusing

-sample hullcurve lfo window is way to small(almost not usable now) and in “detached, fullscreen” version way to big and focus steeling (remember, focus WAS edit tracks, then i just want to change a little bit the attack of the sample and all the mess begins : fullscreen information change (to sample window) first time,
clicking to editable hullcurve editor : fullscreen information change (to zoom window) second time. make the edit, done: fullscreen information change (to track window) third time
in 2.8 this all was done without the three fullscreen information changes. to be honest, i doesnt have a quick working solution, maybe that part is now broken by design, features > usability :(
maybe “just” doubbling the mini hullcurve editor in size will help a bit.

i stop here and will maybe create from each problem a own topic so it can be discussed more, but i fear it will just spamm like the other new 100 threads/day the forum and wont be seen by the one who would take attention and implementing it (because i’m also a programmer and i know how much bugs are in 3.0 which are more important)

Now ive just realized that redux + ohm studio will be bomb! :yeah:

Thanks for pointing me to that discussion. The upper and lower panel and fullscreen shortcuts are also gone. So many interface regressions on this version…

Here’s my two cents after a few quick test runs and having read this thread.

Indeed, this one seems to divide opinions more than before. I must say, for the first time, going through the release notes made me feel like an old fart (after using Renoise for 10 years) but sure, there seem to be heaps of clever new features here. More useful for some than others, as to be expected. I’ll surely be using the Doofer device myself and do appreciate the GUI changes; I don’t mind having to re-learn a few things here and there when it’s done for a reason.

For me though, I’ve always considered Renoise a full on, nicely balanced DAW (not just a tool for a specific purpose or genre) and prefer working in a single environment instead of switching between interfaces (one of the reasons I’ve always loved the built-in sample editor so much) so this strong focus on specific “nerd-level gadgets” and introduction of Redux wasn’t really what I had expected. Still, I’m happy to see that development has continued with some fresh ideas and a large userbase in mind (Renoise needs this imo) and for someone with different priorities from my own, the new features do seem to serve a purpose.

I suppose the idea of cramming a piano roll (or other means of getting rid of these pattern barriers, towards a more “musically” oriented interface while still keeping the tracker goodies at hand) on top of everything else would’ve risked an even steeper learning curve for new users (=so many completely different views all in one DAW) while on the other hand, making things awkward for some die-hard trackers. In this light Redux does seem like a smart move. And on a personal note, yeah I could always consider the option of DAW-X+Redux later as I seem to be recording audio more and more now.

To be honest though, one day I still hope to see an alternative view within Renoise, for arranging full songs with long audio chunks (nicely alongside pattern data, which still kicks some major ass for beatmaking purposes imo) as well as the possibility to stretch/warp audio at will.

All things considered, I’m happy to see a new version made it for christmas and will certainly continue using Renoise (the pros easily beat the cons at this point).

Impressive work overall, congrats to the devs!

Everytime I open a VST window it is placed under the ‘macro’s’ bar, which causes the window to be offscreen on the bottom part. So everytime I want to change something in the VST I have to drag the window to the middle of the screen. Can this pleeeaaaaassseeeeee be turned off/put in a function that snaps the window to the middle of the screen?

Yeah you just have to disable the little “pin” icon on the left. Hopefully this will be disabled by default, or at least have an option to disable it by default.

Can you disable it on an empty song and save this song as default?

Wow, I could really use an introduction video that states all the changes :lol:/>

Waiting for this to download, stupid slow internet. Without having been able to play with the new features yet, I can already say I’m hyped for Redux. I have a lot of duplicate sample instruments between xrns and sf2+sfz that I use in other DAWs, it’ll be nice to be able to delete all of those :) Could the expanded sampler capabilities also mean more support for other formats? I also like the idea of FX chains within instruments, I liked the workflow of modplug and psycle back when I used them where I could just write to whatever blank space I had in front of me and not be concerned with whether it was the proper track, and it will be great for drums.

You can save plugins including their pin-status along with a template song. But i doubt you want to save a template song where you have all your plugins included…
I rather have a checkbox in the VST Plugin section in the Plug/Misc preferences called “Run all plugins pinned” and having it checked off.
There is room for such checkbox.

Since the Instrument FX sends are part of the instrument, it doesn’t make sense to split them up. If you want them seperate, just don’t put them into the instrument. That’s a bit like “What can I do, when I pour my beer into my coffee, but want to first drink a beer and afterwards a coffee?”. :)

^ haha, best example ever :D

I really think, the instrument FX are way misunderstood by a lot of ppl. It doesn’t make much sense to put everything in there now, just because you can. Not everything belongs to the instrument. Just keep your instruments flexible, peeps. There is, even with having instrument FX available now, still nothing wrong with processing on the track, just like all the years before. Try to find a good balance between both ways.

Actually, it really depends on how you sound design, and how you see the world. Anyways, I’m not so unique… I doubt I am the only one on the forum who thinks this request makes good sense.

If you can do this in 2.8 and before…

But in Renoise 3 the Renoise Instrument is so different, and changed so much… Then you should be able to process the FX Chain on the Renoise Instrument to sample… I think its only logical…

I 100% disagree. I think the Renoise 3 Instrument is now so different and you can not compare to older versions. I think for sound design, and for the upcoming Redux. What I am asking makes sense.


B) :walkman: