► Renoise 3 Beta testing starts - announcing Redux

Fell asleep. Back. It’s alive.

CONGRATS TO THE TEAM!!! Another beta out of the oven!! Well done!! :drummer: :drummer: :drummer: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

From the quick glance I got on the feature list(not going to get to this beast until later tonight), I’m pretty darn excited! Can’t wait to get my acoustic drums really into native xrni without tricking the round-robin / random triggering somehow!

About redux: I’m excited, even though I don’t think I myself have much use for it. It’s a bold move. It’ll probably get a dedicated forum section, with renoise ‘tourists’ visiting this community. Interesting times ahead!

AND The Doofer looks like it’s going to be amazing!

PLUS Native convolution.

AND wait, just realized what the phrases imply. It’s clips, right? Not pattern aliases, but clips. Reaching further beyond the pattern!

… phrase editor rocks! ;)


Renoise is the “killer sampler” of all times…

Wait i put in bug reports. Sorry.

Congratulations to the Renoise team, this is indeed a very welcome new beta version!

Also very refreshing to see that you are indeed going for new markets and new users - using portions of Renoise to build new products. Redux seems like a brilliant start, as Renoise’s strength have always been as a high-precision sample sequencer. (I instantly signed up to be an alpha tester for Redux.)

The major feature for me in this version is definitely the new Phrases. I’ve suggested “clips” many times in the past, and this is certainly a very nice implementation of that concept.

ohhhh i have my licence only to 2.9… :(

I got the same problem, I’ve just paid my ridiculous licence upgrade and I’m still waiting the confirmation from renoise.com

oh my god YES

Erm me, I only use Renoise as a sample editor/plugin grabber/sample playback device via rewire
Much easier and slicker via VST
But wait, add in phrases, I am gonna tear Taktiks hand off when he puts that out ;)

But wait, when that happens and if you tear his hands off then you’ll have to put your money into his pockets for him and that could look inappropriate.

same here ,

Nice ,I think the most exciting news is 'redux
Oooh wait , will there be a tracker in redux ??

Holy shit, great work team Renoise! Congratulations :drummer:

At first glance it seems like having to learn a new program, need to build new muscle memory to quickly navigate and learn all the new features. Will be testing this baby extensively this vacation, cheers B) .

Congrats to the team !
I was waiting eagerly for audio tracks, but Redux inside Reaper will do the job I guess ! Can’t wait to test it.
Will Renoise customers have to buy Redux separately ?
Now going to backstage

This update goes absolutely in a different direction…anyway a superb update. The way now we all can mangle samples is magic and that tracker-in-tracker just woah, inception!

Dislikes goes for lack of detachable mixer window, lack of warp/time/pitch and those rounded corners of gui.


I´ve opened it right now, i see doofer and scales. AND it is enough for me already, obviously great release team! Thanks :panic:
But i have one question, did you upgrade that clunky automatization (modulation) of vst instrument? I can not figure out how to assign macro to some knob of any vst, but i dont know if it is even possible or whatever…

New Renoise 3.0 is bullshit.
I feel like I have been cheated.
Nothing special there. Not a single user wishes listened, again.
Only thing they everytime do, when new version comes out, is that they change GUI.
Its fucking irritating to learn again basics.

Changing the GUI is not a same as improving the software itself.
Its like if you have shitty rusty car and you paint it, Its still the same piece of shit it use to be,
even though it looks better…

Although i don’t say that Renoise is piece of shit. Its brilliant!

Im out. Im happy that I finally moved to hardware synths and can stick with them.
Also, only thing im looking forward is Redux.
So now I can stick with some proper DAW.

not trolling, my opinion.