Renoise 3 kicks pack kicks ass

Hi everyone !

Just wanted to say that the kick samples provided wih R3 are so awesome ! How did you made them ? Who did ?

There is a perfect balance between the subs and the tops, and you can layer them easily… They’re great ! I would kill to know which synths you used, a tut would be awesome.

Anyway, huge thanks for sharing them :)/>

EDIT : sorry for the horrible spelling mistake in the title, if the admin could please change it… 'cause I can’t :badteeth:/>

All the drum percussion and breakbeats are created by Sample Magic.
The kicks are part of a curated selection that I and dblue did.

We stroke a deal with those guys, because they (1) are very nice people and (2) their stuff sounds really great!
As for the actual production, many of the samples are layered in themselves - this is both to make the sound more interesting (get a bit of top into the sub, as you point out), but also because many of the famous sounds in dance music are covered by all sorts of legal mumble-jumble - you can’t just sell a 100% clean 808 sample kit.

How about “Renoise Kicks Ass”? Hehe, that’s what I read the first time anyway…
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absolutely, I really dig the kick samples in there… I use them because they are punchy enough for the music I make