Renoise 3 speculation thread

Please change thread title, every time I open up the Renoise forums, my heart stops for a second.

You want me to change the version number to 3.0?


man… if that post you’re replying to isn’t justification for a -1 button I don’t know what is.
Ian MacKaye not only of fugazi but of probably the single most influential hard-core punk band EVAR, minor threat… a “tryhard weenie”…
that’s just… hard to put words to.
educate yourself indeed!






ALSO DO A BARREL ROLL! !! ! :guitar:

I just did one on accident

I have to say that last picture is quite pretty. But the waveforms look the most useful.

Or maybe something like this?

not usability

Among other things I’d like drag’n’drop functionality somewhat similar to NI’s Maschine software. Say for example you want to copy the midi-data of a pattern, you can hold alt while dragging the pattern to your desktop/other software and it instantly creates a midifile from that pattern/inserts the midi-data into the other software. If you hold ctrl it will render the pattern to a wav-file instead/insert rendered audio into other software. This should also be doable with a track, selctions whithin a track/pattern and maybe even blocks from the matrix.

mSepsis, internet, seems like you might have failed to read this:

if not, shrug sheesh, lighten up or something. we all have our musical gods, but none of them are like, actual, gods… and, get with the context, notice how i was just paraphrasing the remark about cats fr chr*ssake…

happy to have a beer/coffee/other with anyone and dig on some mackaye/fugazi anytime… mmmmkay?

Some ‘magazi’, or ‘fuckaye’, if you will.

Each time i saw a cat picture on this thread i was saying in my head and again and again and again and again and again and again and again…

So it reminds me this :

fucked up thread… you should all be ashamed of yourselves :P.

I got until 3.8 though… but I’ve used demo versions of 2.5 and seeing all the evolutions of renoise from there to 2.8… I can’t ever be sad about the updates

just copped that upgrade, i’m good 'till 3.9 now

you mean till 3.8 :unsure:

backstage says 3.9


got my renoise license game on lock