Renoise 3 speculation thread

I’m sorry, I could not resist

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Interesting, just yesterday I checked the Forums for some news about the next version :) Seems like a long time since the last release. But judging from the dates of the old releases, we might get some beta testing around December. On the other hand there are maybe some big features underway and we are looking at a longer release cycle. So much speculation! You have to love it :)

You’re quite late this time, Alexey :)

2.9 you say? maybe it will be 3.0… there was 1.8 then next 2.0 …

fuzzy logic


I thought the devs have already stated in the forums that 3.0 will be released next week with the main feature being a piano roll?

If it’ll be 2.9 it might be beta testing this year.
If it’ll be 3.0, it will most probably be beta testing another year.

My guesses =O

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Srsly, 3.0 will come this year and will bring the features everyone wanted. A fully modular sound synthesis engine with a variable length track/pattern matrix that combines well with piano roll note editing, as sugar on top it will bring true rubberband-like timestretching to the sample player, making Ableton Live finally obsolete. ^_^

if that were true then i could live without extra cat pics…