Renoise 303 V2.0Alpha

Got it… Well the whole thing sounds amazing, can’t wait for the release. thanks ghastly, thanks bit-arts…


Awesome! :)
Thanks a lot. Would love to see you edit some synth patches ;)

I’ve done patches for Sylenth1, Z3ta+ 2, V-Station and IL Harmless. However, the banks are not complete yet. Or do you have a special synth in mind?

played with this and started getting noisetrekker flashbacks. sounds so good i’d rec downloading even if you don’t care about all the device tricks (sorry, bit_arts). clear, present super acid sounds. very tweak-able. wow!

I finally got around to trying this out, it’s really really great dude! You should definately start a renoise blog for all the neat stuff you make.

Heh, nothing wrong with this. :) That’s exactly how I’d like it do be.

Broken link :(

He took his toys and went home.


Can somebody repost this please / somebody who downloaded this before?


nobody? come on people…

Sorry, but no one here has the copyright authority to redistribute this file.

At the time of this writing, the “redistribution agreement” only allows the original author to link this file.

Contact him privately, politely, and maybe you can work something out.

Wow, what happened to the internet nowadays.

Ignorance finally reached even the Renoise forum.

He gave the tools for free to teh people. Now hes angry and even the people , who still have those tools, are prohibited to share them.

Great World.

The original author sets the policy and has the only right to change it, this includes denial of access. If someone pulls stuff away with this intention of inaccessibility, nobody else has the right to break or overrule this policy. You may not find it funny, but that is the rule and it is a fair rule, has nothing to do with ignorance.
If you need that stuff so badly, then simply ask nicely. I doubt you have to drop your pants on your knees for that or he will drop his for you ;)

No he doesnt have the policy to control the already given gift.

Its the same thing if i make you a present. (what he did)

I cant come afterwards and telling you , how to use my present. (e.g. that you may not give it away)

So this IS fair, and your understanding of Fairness it totally wrong.

he decided to change the license from “gift” to “I’m the only one allowed to use it”. He is the author, he can do that.

I don’t know if the previous license enable anyone to freely distribute the file to anyone; in that case, technically maybe someone ho has the file could share it without breaking the license, I think.

we all think it is not fair to do what he did, but still if he think he has been offended, it is his right to do so and we should respect his will.

Fair and (legally) correct aren’t always the same thing!

It is his intellectual property. Nobody else has the right to distribute it. Arguably somebody could give you the version they downloaded if they promised to delete it from their own library. Same as if you wanted to give somebody your Renoise licence (although obviously without the registration complications.)

Can’t say I agree with it but I do respect and honour his decision.

Why should they ?

If i say ignorance finally reached the renoise forum, why arguing if i’m right.

You guys take it too serious in here.