Renoise 303 V2.0Alpha

This is a complete re-setup of my native TB-303 emulation for Renoise.

All important parameters of the original hardware are now directly available via Mixer view, by their real name and as seperate devices. Advanced users might easily modulate the hell out of each parameter device now. :) For a more authentic sound the square wave is now, like in the original hardware, created trough a waveshaper and can be switched on/off from within the pattern, accessing the “Square Wave” device.

All features, including the Accent, are implemented and work properly. However, the Accent is planned to be realized more authentic and in the same self powering way, like in the original hardware. That’s the only reason, why this release yet is an Alpha relase.

I’ve dropped the automation for the demo. Play with the sliders instead! ;)

Have fun with it and enjoy!


I’m beginning to think the Renoise team should consider getting in contact with you to make some internal instruments, becuase what makes a tracker application shine is the ability to use it’s commands like pitch glider, vibrato etc… right now the commercial value of those effects are close to none as everyone use a VSTi, but if you had a superb instrument being capable of using these easy commands… you know., big sell… yeah I just lost my way, too much beer :) take care guys

Absolutely awesome! Thanks a lot for this!

Looking forward to trying this out. Cheers, Bit_Arts!

Wow, this is incredible. Very nice sound (though it’s a bit to ‘clinical’) it’s an absolute delight to play with :w00t:


You know, Bit_Arts, I really wish I could give you the kind of response you probably wish for: i.e. intelligent feedback based on highly skilled users’ own creative findings, ideas and experimentations. Nevertheless, because of your excellent stuff, I’m slowly walking in that direction. You’ve set new standards to strive for here…

After some experimentation with your 303 .xrns, I decided to replace some of Renoise’s native effects. Like for example the distortion effect with a VST one (D16’s “Devastor”) and it sounds better to my ears now. Always a start for independent experimentation… ;)

Very impressive, thanks for sharing :wink:

You post new ideas way too fast, I don’t have time to study one technique than another is already there. :)

As a new renoise user, “unconstructing” and trying to redo your demos has been a great way to learn the native DSPs.

Just one question: what is the status exactly of the formula device? I know it’s in alpha, but is it confirmed to be included at some point, or could it be dropped/drastically changed if too problematic?

Chief “Sitting ‘Taktik’ Bull” just today answered that question here: The Stepper™ Meta Device :)

Deprecated devices are usually still available in Renoise, even if not provided via device list.

I wonder how I missed that post… :blink:

So I guess I’ll start using it, at least to transform LFOs default parameters into something more manageable.

Did you try and enable the Square Wave Device? ;)

amazing! need to pick this apart someday and see what’s going on :)

At last I will find a good use for my MIDI keyboard. All these knobs, and faders are perfect for controlling this thing.

Bit_Arts, you have some amazing skills with those native DSPs. Thanks for sharing again!


Very nice! I love your DSP stuff!

loving it!

bit_arts, you rock!!!

Amazing as always :)

Hi, I am really silly. I can’t figure out how to load this instrument… its not showing up when I right click… in the instruments box… I am missing something?


its not an instrument file, just open the actual file in renoise :)

thanx bitarts btw, this is sweet