renoise 32/64 bit .plugin folders

So I’ve got both renoise 32 /64 bit installed .

Renoise 32 bit —>vst plugin dir.for 32 bit plugs : program files (x86)/vst plugs 32

Renoise 64bit ---->vst plg. dir. for 64 bit plugs ----> program files ./vst plugs 64

For some reason the folder set for the 32 bit renoise is rembered when opening 64 bit renoise and vice versa …( probably the config file )

I know we have the option to set 2 different directories …bit this doesn’t help .

I want to keep both plugins versions separate …iow I don’t want 32 bit plus to appear in 64 renoise …

ANd NO I don’t want to run sandbridged 32 bit plugs in 64 ren .

Any help

You can run sandbr…eh.

What if you open renoise, switch the folder setting, shut down renoise and open it back up again? Should do the trick.

Edit: just tried it, but now i’m confused because when i change folder it doesn’t remember the vsti’s at all, so i can’t see what the problem is? Why don’t you just select the appropriate folders when you open another bit version? It takes a few seconds.

Or are you running 32bit and 64 bit simultanously?

No I am not running them simultanously .

The problem is as follows , whichever directory is set for vst , this directory is default when opening any version of renoise.

So for renoise 32 , I choose the dir.of the 32 bit plugins …

When I want to work with renoise 64 , it opens up with the directory for 32 bit plugs …sure I could change these everytime I open renoise …but that’s just time consuming .

Anyway …best thing to do is set 2 directories ( 32/64 bit ) …and just choose the relevant plug from the list …

I am slowly migrating to 64bit , but keep 32b renoise for older projects …