Renoise Account Cancelled!

That’s the email I just receive, and I feel some kind of sadness thinking about all the times I made renoise publicity, asking my friends to test it , use it, buy it. I NEVER UPLOAD MY BETA VERSION ANYWHERE
that’s the only thing I can say, I just don’t understand what happened. I precise I register it with my real name so what a dumb warez releazer I am! Seriously I take it as a rought injustice that’s what I post this message here. Anyway I 'm ready to pay again if I have to because I 'm still a great renoise fan… but I don’t really understand why i have to pay for something I have already paid and I never releaze anywhere.

(Sorry for the english)

Oh, the link was dead. Sry!

Ok, I understand. Just see I put the renoise beta zip on a drive which is shared on a P2P under linux without notice it. So sorry about that. But trust me it wasn’t volunteer. I’m just a noobs under linux but anyway it’s my fault if a beta of renoise is now shared on p2p network. There is no way to repare the mistake so… I don’t know what to do… So sorry, all apologizes to all renoise team, But trust me I’m not naughty, just stupid in a way… SO SO SO SORRY.

Well, the situation sets just a good example for everyone else about how carefull anyone should be with what she/he puts where. You might even circumstantially share other material you would likely not share (intimate pictures or personal stuff that is of noones business).

Apologies accepted, but consider reregistering the learning-bill.
We are not pro-actively hunting on opportunities for deactivating accounts due to leaks (wether purposely or unawarely leaked) but hope all registered users have fun and benefit from the product instead.

It contains so many (thousands of) hours of work and yet so less is asked for it.

This means pay again?

It is an option that guarantees access, or you could contact Paul or Eduard and see if you can sort something out differently.
The decision is totally on your account.

Yo dude, that’s crap.

What linux distro are you running that opens ports to directories where you store binaries? No distro opens their ports like that on install. You would have to have manually circumvented the defaults enough to know that whatever you are doing explicitly set a P2P network and you would have to manually be running the app.

Noob or not, that’s a mistake that borders very close to malicious and I don’t think “sorry” is enough.

I run ubuntu for usual things and windows only for renoise. I have a fat partition to swap data between both os. so I download renoise put it on this partition, toggle to windows and install it. I forgot about the zip files when I start to linux again whereas my whole partition is shared under amule. So never say it’s not my fault, I say I didn’t want to. that sound different to me. Anyway, if you prefer think I’m a taliban comming from mad trackers to humanbomb renoise, I can’t change your mind. I repeat I register renoise with my real name, this mean everyone who dowload it, know that the owner of this version is me, afterall if you still think It’s a malicious act what can i do?

Pay the fine of re-registering.

Don’t share entire partitions (?!?!) on a P2P network obviously intended for piracy by most users.

At least, that’s my opinion.

It’s possible that your leaking of the Renoise beta was an honest mistake but consider the impact on the Renoise team. A canceled account seems like a small consequence compared to what the devs will have to deal with since it has leaked.

Conner_Bw: who the f**** are you to deceide i have to pay a “fine”. Do you also wan’t to spank me? I will accept it if someone of the renoise team ask me (althougt if it’s bother me a lot). But you are just a “Normal Member”. You make me think of pupils at the front of the classroom asking the professor to punish the one who has wrote on his desk. So sad.

for sure I know consequences for the renoise team, whereas I think that buying software is now a matter of respect because (with or without me) you can find every software from cubase to aerostudio on P2P. Anyway I apologize again and in a way, it’s better that it happen with the beta rather than the definitive release. I don’t try to bypass my responsability and I probably pay when the 1.8 will be out.

And who the f**** are you to leak a copy of Renoise on P2P then come posting in here as if “sorry” is enough, complaining to the rest of us that it’s unfair? I didn’t rat you out dude. You did. Teachers can’t come out and say f****, your stupid. Other students, we can.


calm down!

this is not the first time such a leak happens. No reason to piss eachother off like that. It did happen, tpcn is sorry about that. More important, he did find out why such a thing could happen and feels terribly sorry about that.

Right now the discontiunation of the account is the only measure which we have taken each time. Making an exception here would be very unfair towards other users which were in more or less the same situation.

However we were talking about account locks for a major version period of time (like locked for 1.8)… We are still not sure about this though.

I dont want to see tpcn getting a scapegoat here.

Understood, I apologize from my end of things. Sorry.

All I can say is that this could have been resolved by email and public scrutiny could have been avoided.

The forums… They are just that, and I didn’t start this thread.

Then let’s just close this matter, tpcn will continue the discussion behind closed doors and nobody is going to yell to anyone else wether what kind of reason.
Mistakes can be made everybody is only human, but the Renoise Team has warned enough. There is no space for argumenting recovery of access unpunished.