Renoise album - uninstall everything

Greetings, folks. I’ve been mixing some tracks from a couple of mates. We used Renoise for everything. It was a fun project, something to do, you know…If it rings anybodys bell, then yeah, nice.

Any feedback on the mixing would be cool, particularly track 9. The bass sounds nifty using headphones and utterly naff using speakers.



Nice work friend

01 believe v1.0.Mayde over compressed drums?

03 let you do v1.0.Vocas need some eq

[04 pinknoisecolddread v1.0.Mayde over compressed drums and piano or just too loud?

Good work different.

I’ve appreciated the listening, interresting mix of jazz and glitched vocals.

I like the global flow of track 05 destination elsewhere.

The bass is ok for me on track 09.

Hey. Thanks a lot for listening and the like really positive stuff you said. Really, really appreciate it.

I’m off to try out some of the things you suggested. Really interesting. I was like looking in one direction and you guys are “maybe look here.”. I’m all excited now.