Renoise Ambient "Zeitmaler"


This music is 99% Renoise… I’m sure another DAW could have given me similar results but there’s a lot of Renoise-specific things going on as far as the sample instruments go.

It’s some lightly psychedelic ambient music. I’d recommend using headphones to experience all that stereo goodness!

Thank you for listening!


Hi, I really like what I hear. Very nice mood. Brings a little bit of a nostalgic mood. I’m going to listen to your other works too. Definitelly thumb up for me.

Thanks Astro! This reply is a little late, haha, but the other stuff on my Bandcamp is like psychedelic synth pop or something, totally not ambient, hope you liked it anyway though.

Is that a Tangerine Dream reference in the name there?

No, although I do love “Zeit”. I wanted to do something with the idea of painting time as a way to describe ambient music, so I Google translated “time-painter” and got “Zeitmaler”. I did pick the German language as a tribute to Berlin school stuff, though.

I’m not even sure if it’s pronounced “zite” or “zeet”…

I always pronounced it “zite” because of the word “zeitgeist” but I don’t know.

Hey, I’m a fan of Tangerine Dream (who’s influenced by them in his music actually…). I took a little German in high school too. It’s “zite” like a “kite”. It’s also pronounced “really good album” :wink:

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Nice and fine! I’ve listened half of the album and really appreciate, it is really dreamy.
I keep this album in my bookmark and may listen it before going to sleep! :waning_gibbous_moon:

That’s a perfect way to listen! Thanks.

Also thanks to everyone who cleared up the pronunciation for me, haha!