Renoise and a Hardware Synth - How to route back & record the external synth in Renoise?

Hello experts, I wanna run renoise with an hardware synth with his own sequencer. Runs great because renoise sending midi sync. Now i wanna know as a newbie. How can i route the audio of the hardware synth thru renoise and can i record it in it?

Big thanks forward
Regards HAL9000

File → Record New Sample [Shift + Alt + R]. Sync & Start option set to pattern is your friend.

You may get a bit of silence ahead of your recording. That seems to depend on your audio interface’s latency. You’ll have to manually fix that.

My approach is to add a Slice Marker to the recording in the Sample Editor right at the start of the first note in the recording. That way I can trigger the recording of my synths right when I want them. And be sure to turn on Autoseek on your recording so you don’t have to listen from the beginning each time.

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Hello eretsua, thank you. I will check that :slight_smile: Greetings HAL9000

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There have been multiple posts asking this question if you need more info

I get this very short gap, which I just edit out so that the sample starts right at the beginning

sorry i made a mistake