Renoise And Ableton Live

anyone using these together?

whats the point of ableton when you can/could do most of the stuff with renoise with careful programming?

tried fiddling around with it 2 days ago, it crashed about 5 times in 5 minutes. Got pissed and went back to renoise, which btw, you really gotta mess it up for it to crash!

rock solid piece of software. :yeah:

yeah i know its mainly for live stuff, but i know some people are using Live for just sequencing. i just wondered why?

you seem suprised that people are using renoise for sequencing?? What else is there to do with it? It is not a live tool as such; it is a tracker. A tracker is a sequencer…


sorry, i screwed up the sentence in my other post. ive edited it now…

im not surprised that renoise is used as a sequencer, i realise thats exactly what it is.

i meant that why would you need to use ableton? what does it give you that you cannot do in renoise?

i was looking at the ableton demo but just thought that most of what i did in it could be done in renoise with careful programming.

or am i missing something?

-piano roll
-vst multitimbral implementation
-midi learn with pc keyboard, mmc, feedback on midi devices
-timestretch audio engine
-mixer with routing capabilities and proper gain schema
-swing per pattern ,not global
-synced arranger
-automation per song
-import from pattern library & export to midi files
-multicore support
-vst list with folders, lol

maybe i should start a new topic for this, but how would i go about synching up say some classical music with a beat (not something i want to do, just an example)?

obviously ableton does this well using warp markers etc, how do i do this in renoise?

and sorry if these are all basic questions, ive only just got started with music and computers :S

Does not sounds like something you want to have to perform live with it if that happens to you.
5 minutes is more or less 75% of a complete song.

I’ve never had any problems with ableton crashing on me, I use it to record my hardware, i use renoise for sequencing.

with ableton thats exactly what you would do.

sync up some classical music an put a beat on it,

but with renoise it is rather entirely different.

in renoise you would want to write the whole orchestral score yourself, an want to spend lots of time on tweaking your instruments, tweaking your techniques, ie simulating breath of wind an brass instruments.
i mean, you could cheat an load up a midi and give it the proper instruments. but yeah. that would be cheating!

tracking is really just diy modern composition.

first i never used ableton for real producing tracks, i allways used renoise for that. and ableton for live performings.
but now i start to sequence/live fooling around in ableton too, and record it.
and it works nice, you can make really nice thinks just on the fly.
my projects in ableton are now just for the fun, the shit i make in renoise is more seriouser shit, for even get to be released somewhere.
i like them both alott, great programs.
but ableton is way too expensive, but you’ll get a real profi program for it.
and you can do alot with it.

renoise and ableton work so well together it’s scary.
they can both be very very very loop based, which adds
up when you use ableton for performing and renoise for
programming: absolute control.

but getting a classical piece to sync with a beat in renoise is something
else… as long as it’s 4/4 it’s fairly easy: just use 0900 up to 09FF on any
sample and you can alter the tempo without changing the pitch.

Hail to that! In Renoise nothing comes for free thus opening for more individuality. That is why I like it.