Renoise And Ableton Live

I’m wondering if anyone here uses Renoise in combination with Ableton Live. I really like using Renoise and I love the way I can create music with it, but I’m also looking for other ways to play live and I thought to Ableton. I used it some time ago, so I’m asking here to see if there’s someone who uses both software (maybe in rewire or if you compose in Renoise and then play live in Ableton or anything else) in any interesting way.


I don’t know how interesting it is, but I use Renoise as a Rewire slave to Live and it works well.

Yes, but, how really do you use it? I tried what you say very quickly, but I ended with the whole Renoise song in an Ableton Live clip, so I could just play or stop the song. Is there any way to have control on a single pattern?

what i sometimes do,is run renoisein rewire with live intro,and record from renoise into live intro,to arrange stuff differently,then import back into renoise,to mangle it great

I have each Renoise track routed to a different Rewire bus, and in Live I’ve got corresponding tracks for each Renoise track on the receiving end.

This allows me to take advantage of Live’s track routing and signal processing for my Renoise instruments, plus I can have audio tracks running alongside them.

I see. To achieve this you use the Rewire-In Device in the Renoise tracks. Am I right?

No, that would move the audio in the opposite direction. I’m using Renoise as the slave and Live as the master.

I launch Live, set a track to listen to Renoise, then launch Renoise.

At that point all the of the tracks have an audio output option of Rewire Bus (1/2, 3/4, whatever). These correspond to input options I then see in Live.

I more often than not just do what I want in Renoise, as in creating drums and sounds making melodies and such. Then I just bounce it to audio and load the tracks into Live and start working in there.

Live is a great tool if you have a midi controller with a lot of buttons to launch clips.

I have a apc-40 and it really opened the doors as to what you can do in a performance situation with ableton.

I make songs in renoise, then bounce them as complete tracks (Sometimes I rewire into Logic for further processing), then I load the tracks into the clips in live and cut up the tracks into (usually) four pieces, each with a dedicated launch button. That way I can do on the fly re -arranging of my tunes and work out long 1 hour sets that end up sounding like a dj set.

Gah. Was wondering, all teh guys that use renoise to compose and use Ableton to go live… How the hell do you make a Liveset from your Renoise file? Or am i getting the wrong idea now?
(sorry for this noob question, but i just can’t figure it out lol.)

Thats not a noob question at all as I was wondering the same thing.

Step 1. Uninstall Ableton Live
Step 2. Open Renoise
Step 3. Work on you live set.

Ableton Live is for pussies

A liveset, as in a continous stream of sound with no gaps between tracks? If you want that sort of flow, you can either use multiple Renoise instances (no need for Live then), or bounce Renoise tracks/patterns to wave files and import them as clips in Ableton. Using rewire won’t help you to make a non-linear flow, it’s purpose is to facilitate realtime transport and midi/audio sync between apps.

However, Renoise isn’t as rigid as most audio apps when it comes to Rewire sync. It has a feature which lets you choose to sync to the BPM and bars, instead of full transport sync (located in preferences->audio). This is really good when you want to retain some degree of control in Renoise while it’s acting as Rewire slave, because it let’s you loop and trigger patterns, just like you’re used to.

Step 4: Ask how to do Renoise live.

I guess that is the actual wanted answer and i usually see nobody referring to this when Renoise works as Slave while this is really an essential key-feature, specially for the choice of your live workflow.

i actually didnt knew that,that sounds like something i have to check out tommorow :drummer:

Not much to add except I rewire, or sometimes record clips from Renoise into Live using rewire.

I am new to Renoise but have been using Live for 4 years and Cubase since the year dot on the Atari ST. I am still getting used to Renoise, but if you record a lot of audio, Renoise isn’t as good for that, whereas Live and Cubase are both exceptional for audio and warping/stretching, so I like to knock out ideas quickly in RN and then build on it. Given that I play guitars, bass, keyboards etc, it’s nice to be able to handle audio outside Renoise, recording in to the sample editor is definately not as intuitive. However, building up ideas and loops and beats is by far the quickest and best feature of Renoise, IMHO.

Cubase I prefer for mixing down because of it’s great dual monitor arrangement 1 screen, mixer screen 2nd screen and because of some of it’s plugins and advanced audio and MIDI features, particularly automation and crossfading etc.

Yeah, probably you’re right. Anyway since I’m trying to play a lot with effects in the live set I’m experiencing some difficulties. Maybe I’m just missing something, but to be sure…

I have a Novation Nocturn and I’d like to use it with different VST plugins and with native Renoise effects. The problem is that very often I need to control effects in different tracks and it’s a bit annoying having to change the track focus with the mouse or keyboard. I have no idea if in Ableton Live one would have the same problem, but is there a good approach to this problem?