Renoise and Ableton Live

Hello Guys

I’ve been using trackers for more than 20 years. I can use other stuff very well like Pro Tools or Reaper, but recently i was hired for a company that like my portfolio but they want me to use Ableton Live and i feel like i went back 20 years.

I wonder if the Renoise Redux would help. I mean, they would let me use it because it’s a plugin, but wouldn’t want me to use another DAW “because it would be unfair to the other sound designers”, Yes… everyone used other DAWs… why? Yeah, because no one like it.

Anyway, do any of you know if Renoise Redux can help me write music the oldschool way and make it into Live so they all can be happy seeing the music in that #/(E&" DAW?

Thank you very much

I wonder if you could get away with tracking in Renoise and exporting your MIDI and/ or your audio stems to Ableton at a certain point in the process? Or use ReWire or something?


Thank you for your reply. I cannot use renoise at all at the company, even with rewire. But since redux is a plugin it can pass… I can’t even explain… i tried the demo but didn’t figure out how to pass/export the midi to Live

Sounds like a tough situation, but maybe Redux will be that “foot in the door” that shows all those other “modern” producers what they’re missing! Best of luck!

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Wow, what a strange situation!

If you can use samples that aren’t made in Live, I’d say just make all your sounds in Renoise and then export the audio into Live and work with that.

Why would people hire you based on a portfolio that was made using one method, but then ask that you abandon that method and use another one instead, one which you’re really not familiar with?

If it comes down to it and you have to go all Ableton, just give the manual a read and start playing around. I did find it was pretty easy to fumble my way into Ableton, and it’s pretty intuitive and natural once you come to terms with some of the interface and work-flow-philosophy quirks. You might find you even like it!


I’m trying to understand how it works and it doesn’t look hard, if we consider everyone use it it looks like driving lol. But too soon i won’t be as fast and productive and that’s a waste :confused:

Thanks for your replies, it was nice to hear from other Renoise users, i’m not usually very active on the forum and don’t know anyone else that uses Renoise

I cant understand why they dont let you use what you are comfortable with and productive.I would use Renoise and export stems in Ableton .

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I can’t understand either. It’s a waste and none of the other guys used Live before. So everyone is doing things below their capacities. Maybe the team leader thought this was the best way. But… when everyone asks me “what’s the best DAW?” I always say: the one you work better with. There’s no best DAW for everyone. And in the end what really matters is the job done