Renoise And Akai S950

Hi everyone.

I’m currently using renoise as a step sequencer for some of my gear and i’m having a problem triggering my Akai S950 sampler.
If i run my MPC as the device triggering the S950 i can trigger several sounds at the same time, no problems.

I try to do the same thing with renoise, just a kick and a snare on the same beat… this wont work at all. Strange.
Is something set to mono? I can’t seem to find the problem. I’ve tried chord mode.

The polyphony seems to have magically disappeared.

I’m a bit hungover so excuse me if this thread is unclear or anything.

Do you have other external hardware ? if so, test it on that …

Weird… i tried my other midi interface and it worked… wtf.

Strange stuff.

not sure what the prob is, but when you turn the 950 on, make sure in ‘MIDI’ menu, that OMNI is set to OFF.

I take it you’ll be setting up a different midi channel for each keygroup. it’s not like the other S-series, with the 950 you can only have 1 ‘PROGRAM’ at a time.

also, any samples that don’t need a release time, make sure you set it to zero, because long release times will stop your polyphony. I think it defaults to 30. It’s on page 10 of EDIT PRGRM.

The polyphony aint much on the 950, I think it’s like 4 (on the stereo mix out) but 8 polyphony if you pimp it out with a mixing desk and use the 8 seperate mono outs.

thanks for the answers guys.

i’m quite familiar with s950 as i’ve had a s900 in about 4 years… but it crapped out on me and died. :)

well, i tried that omni thing… didn’t work, tried different midi channels for each keygroup… didn’t work.
hooked up the midi-cable to my other midi interface with the exact same settings = success!
works like a charm, up to 8 notes of polyphony like it should have, not be monophonic. :D

crap interface maybe? i’m just using it for the editor of my micro modular… and there it works fine for the purpose. haha.

glad you to hear you got it sorted! :)