Renoise And Cubase?

I was wondering if anyone has renoise sequence cubase?
I think it’s possible, but i’d like to know what other people think about it.

Are there any delays, or does work like crap??

Anyone’s experience on this???


um… renoise and cubase? :blink: no idea if you try to sync them via midi… i suppose it’s OK… but why? why??

i’d either use renoise, or cubase. both of them make a really weird combo. if only i could afford cubase…

anyways, why don’t you try and tell us?

Well, If i will, I’ll tell…

But using renoise now for 4 days has cleared my mind.
I guess Í won’t be using cubase a lot from now on.
I couldn’t dream of a programm like this until the beginning of this week when i found renoise.

There could be two reasons to use cubase:
I’ve got a juno 106 and the korg electribe-brothers, the ER-1 and EA1.
They use a certain sysex which can’t be implemented in renoise at this moment. I hope 1.3 will be released soon, and then gather more hope for a good sysex feature.

But i’ll try real time first in renoise.

The second reason is that I will team up with a friend, e.g. We will both make a piece of music at home, and then come together and combine those pieces. This can end in the most inexplicable songs which drive most people crazy when listening.

Anyway, when I’ve tried it, I’ll post it here somewhere…

B) :)