Renoise And Dualcore Intel Processor

Ello… is the Renoise v1.5 Final working with Intel DualCore Machines?

I have Penium D 3Ghz, Asus P5WD2 Platinium, EMU1820, 4GB Ram

Tested Renoise - 3xZ3ta+, 2xLegacyCell (latency at 48kHz 16Bit - 5ms), but only 1 of 2 processors is working?

Renoise doesn’t work with DualCore?

thanx for reply

hyperthreading technologies are bypassed by ReNoise, because of problems they cause into it, compromising the stability of the application.

This will be investigated in the future. meanwhile you could disable hyperthreading on your BIOS (my BIOS does not allow this, but it’s the only ASUS BIOS which doesn’t… <_< ), or just use it as it is; you woundn’t get enormous benefits by using HT

When I did tests with HT enabled and dissabled there was very little difference so I decideed to just leave it on as I use the same computer for normal stuff. Would be nice if it was supported in future though, but at least I can set soundforge to use one and renoise the other or something ;)

I don’t have HT (logical unit) - into my machine is Pentium D - it’s mean - 2phisical units (2x3Ghz)

I run renoise, so onliy 1 of 2 processors worked with renoise. This is no HyperTrading tech. (my machine is similiar to Dual Processor sytem)

i understand that (at now) the renoise is not working at 2 processors system?

unfortunately, yes.
renoise does not support multithreading as of yet.
so no matter if you have a hyperthreading, dualcore or true dual CPU environment - performance wise there is no benefit.

OK, thanks for replies.

Maybe in near future Renoise will work with DualCore proc.
I hope YES…


I also hope that dualcore will be supported a soon as possible because I´m about to get one and I guess I´m not the only one.

Intel and AMD will soon start releasing chips with even more cores so it seams like it will be the future for some time now with multicore.

I think you must wait a looong time before you get 4 core cpu’s. But in meanwhile, if you want max Renoise performance, I suggest you to have single core AMD cpu. I had 3.4GHz Intel, and it really sucked compared to my new machine, which is AMD +4000. And with proper cooling you get much more of it.

Have the people with dual processor maching tried using the method mentioned here?

seems to be imprtant to remember. Guess it’s the same for real dual core and HT so ignor the wording ;)

Check it out.

I would really like to see dual-core support, since my Mac has two CPUs. Currently I can max out Renoise with Logic Express in terms of audio processing power. I think Logic should be somewhat heavier.

nam! :)

Well, this is not really true. What we currently dont support is processing Audio with several processors at once. Of course Renoise in general and the whole system will still benefit from the multiple processors.

hmm i wonder how renoise will benefit from a second CPU when it gets disabled by default anyways?
although i guess you should know what you’re talking about there, so sorry when i was spreading false information. ;)

Only Hyperthreading gets disabled, not secondary “full” CPUs.

But you where right by saying that we dont fully support multiple CPUs: Renoise will only use one CPU for the Audio stuff, the other for the GUI and the rest. It would be ideal if we would use both CPUs for Audio.