renoise and elektron machinedrum

hello everyone i have a questions for you :unsure:/> !! before using renoise i have a machine drum uw mk2+drive for some reason i have sell it (i regret a lot) and now i have less money than before so i ask you solmeone use it with renoise cause i asking if the machinedrum without samples function enable to control renoise(just for the rythm) cause the sample function in renoise is enough for me

I use MD UW mk II a lot with renoise, I don’t quite understand the question though… Do mean if it’s possible to control Renoise with the Machinedrum? You can send clock via midi to renoise from it I guess.

yes i mean control some samples on renoise to avoid to buy a version of the machine drum uw. in fact i want to control the trigering of samples in renoise,what’s your use of the machine drum with renoise?

Oh ok, I understand. I can try to do this tomorrow. Not sure if it’s going to work, but I’ll try :)
But I think it will be easier to go the opposite way, to have MD be controlled by Renoise…

I make a lot of songs using just hardware (MD, monomachine, octatrack, mpc, nord modular etc.) sometimes I just record them, but often I will make sequences on the Machinedrum synced to stuff in Renoise, record it in Renoise, slice it and continue the song there.
My hardware is basically an endless stream of samples for Renoise to sequence.

ok cool if you can try tell me the results when you have time
ostro :walkman:



Personally I’m planning to buy the Elektron Analog Four and the Octatrack. Amazing machines

yes wondferfull machine there is just the monomachine i didn’t like i had it in the past the sound was not bad but i didn’t like the principes of kit saving we can’t store one sound by one sound but by kit of six sound if i remember well it killing my inspiration but the machine drum is really intuitive for the rythm.the octatracks seems to be pretty cool but renoise is enough for me to sequencing(i neeed just a drum machines for the rythm)and the analog four have greats feedback if i have the money maybe :wacko:

Well you can use the MD as a midicontroller for renoise, say you have a sequence in the MD and you want it with different sounds, you select an instrument in renoise, press record and then push play on the MD (after setting up the midi correctly).

I did not however figure out how to control a single instrument with one track on the machinedrum. Renoise doesnt have midi-in-instruments like that really, but there may be ways around it…?

ok thank’s to have take time to see if it’s work i guess the machine drum have a midi but i will see the manual tommorow for more details
thank’s :dribble:

Yeah well you can still sync the two with great results, controlling renoise is a big task you know. Might be better just to sync them and control seperately, you will have way more control.
I dont think Renoise takes CC, but you can send CC to Machinedrum.

Of course it does.
The question I guess was more like, can you do step sequencing like Lauflicht tool does with the Launchpad… but this is probably not worth it for you to go and find out

Of course it is, but so far I haven’t used much midi with renoise except for basic sync and external sequencing.

I’ll give it another shot tonight :)

Um… yes it does. Assuming each “track” from the MD can use a different MIDI Channel anyway.