Renoise And Fruity Loops Sync

First of all, thanks for your wonderful program!
I wish for something like that several years and now - it is true!)

I have a question:
When I try to connect fruity loops 6 as a vst - there is no sync in playing - I have delay for near 14 rows in Renoise!
Time offset function doesnt help at all and with some numbers(+ or -) in time offset i have exactly the same delay and also hear the metronome!!(with no metronomes ON in fruity or renoise))).
So only way is - with time offset switch to 0.
And when I press play - it plays only from 13 or 14 row of Renoise.

It is not the sound card latency - because in fruity loops (or renoise) when I press play - I hear the composition immediatly.
And it is not the problem of the instrument - because when I play fruity synths in renoise there is no delay at all.
Whats this and how to solve this problem? How to sync these two programs?

Hi there Directum,

Yeah I’ve had the exact same programs with FL3 and FL4. It’s very buggy. I gave up in the end - just exported what I needed from FL in mid-format and put it into Renoise. Somehow I think these two worlds are not meant to go together.

This is not the bug, I think
FL and cubase have ideally sync with this function.
And you know - the delay is not 14, it is 16 row!!!Exactly 4 quarters!
I think there is a way to sync them…
some automation functions maybe

Or just offset your notes in Renoise by 16 steps…

Just out of interest; what are you actually doing with FL inside Renoise? What sort of thing are you using it for? I have not used FL for a long long time (and only dabbled with it when I did) so I cant see what you would be using it for. Honestly, this is a genuine question, not a loaded one :)

How to offset all notes in Renoise for 16 steps?
I want to hear the result of mixing immediatly every time when I press play in Renoise.
Is it possible?

Fruity - is some sort of a habit. Some fruity synths, may be some drums, some scratch machines, arpeggio for every instrument (vst included).
Iam new in Renoise, so is it good for me to try both of them at the beginning (not to load some sample packs that I allready have in Fruity).

how to offset notes in Renoise by 16 steps??

And I want to add. I have Renoise 1.5.2 demo version.
Maybe version 1.8 is working correctly with Fruity? (I have no SSE on my Athlon, so it is not possible to try)

I’ll wager that you do have SSE on your Athlon. Read this thread.



Thanks( I try it, but this is not for me, because my comp have no support for this function.
No SSE at all.
So, it would be nice if someone helps me with such an interesting problem (syncing FL with Renoise)))
This is really interesting, because 16 rows is always 16…doesnt matter if changing BPM or something else))

You asked me about FL. Sometimes I want to use 1/32 or 1/64 notes (for emulating guitar riffs etc) and if I change speed in Renoise for that reason - it is hard to compose because everything is going BIGGER…the size of patterns etc. So syncing is good way in this case. Probably, the best way (other ways - changing tempo every time or render to wav - are not easyest ways too).

If the Renoise would have a special clickable function of “sub-numbers”(for 1/32 or 1/64 notes)/
For example - left column - 1/16 notes, right - 1/32:
pads percussion
1 1a (this numbers are smaller size)
2 2a
2 2b
3 3a
3 3b

It would be great! Or…syncing


well you make the 1st pattern in renoise 16 rows and keep it empty. Then your song-start is on pattern 2.

Its a little bit of hazzle but thats the only thing i can deliver so far.

Fruityloops is the route of all evil! :D

I’d rather say Protools is. <_< B)

To add something useful:
It’s a known issue. Some sort of limitation on how the Audio rendering engine in FL works. Nothing you can do to change it ATM.
Just as already was told, just add an empty 16 row pattern to the beginning of the song.

PS: FL can be used as a great modular synth within Renoise. The possibilities are endless ;)