Renoise And Jack Audio On Widnows 7

Hi all

new to renoise. running on windows 7 pro 64-bit. using jackaudio.

however, not sure if there is support in renoise for jack audio on windows based systems as Jack uses ASIO in windows and obviously ASIO support is excluded from the demo.

anyone able to confirm if this works or not?

You would probably need a 64-bit Jack audio compilation for Windows. The available binaries online seem 32-bit only.
At least:I can’t get Jack audio to work on my 64-bit environment either. (Jack server isn’t able to start)

hmm. well it’s runnin on mine and can use reason with it (which is running as 32bit program). it definitely doesn’t like 64bit programs but seems ok runnin for communicating between 32bit processes

Would you like sharing your configuration settings at wich you have configured Jack Audio?
I followed the known advise for configuring Jack in Windows, but they don’t work out.

edit:Well i’ll be… it works… Last attempt was with my Terratec Audio card, so i guess the Jack server doesn’t like its cloaked 32-bit in 64-bit shelled drivers…