renoise and macbook air 2014 (i5 1.4ghz)

hi all,

for christmas, i will try to build a renoise setup based on a macbook air.

is the base model (1,4 ghz - i5) powerfull enough to run renoise and a few vsti / effects ?

or should i save more money ?

thanks for your answer.


Well it depends, how long are you in the running for? I have a small intel atom windows tablet that runs Renoise just fine with very minimal vsts added to it. Imo with custom wav samples and fucking around with DSPs, you can get some real nice results.

Also are you using the air for the long run? That really determines if you’re going for the air or the pro.

Macbook Air is an excellent choice. I’m running Windows 7 on my desktop PC, which is 5 years old, have no SSD, use DDR2 RAM instead of DDR3 and all in all should be weaker than this Macbook, but I don’t really have any lags or problems with performance while using Renoise. Also, OS X is nicely optimized. Go for it.

Well, I would suggest you a real Core i7 4-core system, since the OSX version of Renoise isn’t so drastically fast as the Windows version is as it seems. Logic can do a lot of more instances from the same vst for example. Also increasing the latency on Renoise OSX will not help a lot, since the bottleneck in the OSX version seems to be in some kind of thread stability or something. If you don’t use heavy vst, a Macbook Air would be good enough for sure, but if you are dependent on low latency, lots of fx, or you want to use the recent analog emulation vstis, Macbook Air will not satisfy you a long time.

hi ,

well, had to make a choice between the two proposal.

i went for an i7 mac book air / 8 / 256. given your feedback, it should be enough to take care off the drums and a few samples. the rest will be generated by an elektron a4 and an Incredibly underated synth i love a lot, the an1x …

best regard and take care.