Renoise And Multicore Macs

I’ve got an aging iMac G5 that I’m looking to replace with a new Intel Mac (either iMac or Macbook). Most of the apps I use are now universal binary.

But as all of the Macs (except for the Mini) are on Core 2 Duo, I have a small concern: the Application FAQ page in the tutorial/wiki is that there’s no (easy) way to suppress the other core, making Renoise prone to crashes.

How severe is this?

I know that multicore support is a top priority (I’ve skimmed through the ‘dual core/multi core’ topic) and that it will be done when it’s done. I’m wondering: how usable is Renoise right now on Macs with Core 2 Duo? Usable enough to get by until there’s an update, or should I wait on doing my upgrade? I don’t need to upgrade now (I think some expanded RAM and cleaning of the hard drives would extend my system’s life for a few months yet), but if a good deal comes along I’d like to leap on it.


I’m only testing out the demo version of renoise, but so far on my intel core duo (first generation) macbook pro, I’ve not had a single crash in maybe 20 hours use.

As confirmed by chrisw: There are no known multicore issues with the latest Renoise release. What we can not guarantee is how VSTs behave. Havnt heard of really big problems here either though…

Good to know, thanks.

Are there any major VSTs with known problems? I imagine most commercial ones that are still supported should work. My main library’s housing a lot of Native Instruments synths (plus Battery), and they’ve all had recent releases.

I use renoise every day, on my core 2 macbook. It crashes once in a while (once every 1-2 months), but I am sure this is due to some vst’s…
it does not really bother me.

yup my experience too. Renoise works perfectly stable on my macbook as long as i dont use (unstable) vsts… Samples FTW!!

ditto to the replies above, runs great except with vsts.