Renoise And Multitouch

Hei there.

I am building studio pc system and i am considering buying Samsung LD220Z MULTITOUCH monitor. I have now idea if and how it will work with Renoise. So what to you think, is it worth of money?

System is running on windows 7 witch has multitouch support but i don’t know if it extends to Renoise.

Also what do you think should i go for amd or intel? I think i7.

since trackers were designed around using the QWERTY keyboard to make music efficiently, multi-touch for Renoise would be completely pointless in my opinion. there really wouldn’t be any benefit to it.

just look at the pattern editor, it’s a prime example of a GUI that definitely isn’t going to work with multi-touch…

But I’m sure someone will step in to say that the actionserver project by Bantai will remedy this?

yeah you’re right. i’ve not tried it yet, looks cool

you could also write something for duplex that utilised multi-touch. interesting live performance possibilities

The buttons are…pretty small for a touch screen I think.