Renoise And Reaktor

Does anyone know of a decent tutorial of how to effeciently control Reaktor inside Renoise? As of now, I only seem to be able to automate the first Reaktor instrument I added in the instrument view and I have some problems controlling sequences and grooveboxes. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


Automation device?
Here’s one where you can see the transition between instrument 1:parameter and 2:parameter in the list for e.g. Symphonic Orchestra:

I’ve used ‘midi learn’ sometimes in Reaktor. Just right mouseclick on a slider/knob whatever and choose ‘midi learn’ (twist your midicontroller knob to make a link to it). Now press record in Renoise and record your midi controller tweaking.

Cheers for the quick replies! :D

vV, I did use the automation device before to automate Reaktor, but I only just realized that it ‘stacks’ the parameters of Reaktor instruments :D Thanks for waking me up!

jonas, you’re right, that IS a effecient way, but I spend my money on Reaktor instead of a BCR-over9000 … knobs, I have none

Well, knowing that Renoise stacks the editable parameters of Reaktor’s instrument view-thing inside the automation device helps a lot! Time to stack some devices…