Renoise and Reason 11 Intro

Just bought Reason 11 Intro in hope that it works with Renoise, as i used an older Demo (ver. 10) of Reason and it was possible to rewire with Renoise. Now, i can’t rewire because i dont see the reason device… any hints? I heard that Reason 11 lost the Rewire-Support, is that true? I think the only thing else i could do is to use something like an “internal” Midi-Loop-Back than, right? …but using Rewire would be the best solution, for recording i guess :frowning:

Sry, just found out i already asked that question :frowning:

…but buying reaper just to get rewired with reason and renoise is a bit… ahum… :slight_smile:

If you’re on a Mac you can use Reason 11 as a plugin (AU). Not on PC though, at least not until Renoise gets support for VST3.

You can use this VST3 wrapper as a workaround. Works fine for me.

Thank you very very much, works for me, too, but how to play different devices in the reason rack instead of getting all instruments sound at once?